Blogging Is An Essential Part of Business Development..Do It Right

Blogging is a communication tool that will help your business if you follow a couple basic guidelines.

The majority of blogs on the Internet are free services. The most popular one is Blogger by Google. I started blogging with a Blogger account and still have an active account. However, a number of blogs that I started were left alone for awhile and all of a sudden those blogs and content are gone. Fortunately, I have back-up on nearly everything I write, but the point is Google was in control and I was not.

Notice this blog: it sits on a distinct domain In this case I have chosen to use subject categories as a method of navigation. An alternative is to create separate blogs for each subject category. I have tried that and personally find it more difficult to manage over time. I recommend a distinct domain for your blog and a logical navigation based on the content you offering.

Every blog should have icons for the reader to add your blog to one of the popular RSS feeders. This will result in your blog entries being picked almost immediately by the news readers and people who want you content will receive it by way of their own news reader. There are a number of popular new readers including Yahoo, Pluck, Newsgator and more. As this is being written, the links for many of the popular news readers are being added to my blog.

In this article you will notice live links to a couple of my sites including and my main business consulting site You will also notice in my articles certain keywords being hyperlinked. Including these links is a very powerful feature of blogging since the RSS News Readers pick up your blog and the search engine spiders frequent blogs a lot especially when you are adding content regularly. This search engine news reader activity helps the flow of readers to your main web site and increases the back links to your sites which is an important search engine optimization tool.

You will find additional features being added to my blog over the next couple of weeks as I implement my blog development strategy. I developed a plan based on the objective I set out for the web sites I use to promote my consulting business. You should have a plan for your company’s blog that compliments your business development strategy. Of course you can develop a blog on a particular subject and use various techniques to monetize your blog. However, if monetization of content is your goal I continue to recommend a web site for that purpose and a blog designed to drive traffic to your web site.

It took some time to figure out some the features I wanted on my blog and I chose not to become a Word Press programming expert to achieve some of the goals of my blog. I have developed a team of people who can quickly set up a blog similar to this one. They can do it fast and economically. I recommend it and I am offering it because I had difficulty finding a one stop solution when I was starting. If you have an interest in this service, Email Me

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