Cash Is King: If You Are Out of Cash, You Are Out of Business

Cash is the ultimate thermometer. The closer you get to $0.00, the more you sweat and the colder your business becomes. When you hit $0.00 for any length of time – you’re business is dead.

If your business is struggling, you are living the stressful impact of little or no liquidity. Even if you are in a more comfortable cash position, you never should take your eye of the cash position. It is the report card on how your business is doing.

Following well founded profit improvement business practices each day is difficult. It seems to go against the grain of most people’s nature. It is easy to “let the cash position analysis including the two month rolling cash flow position, forecast and financial flash slide today” and then before you realize it, a month has gone by, then more months.

One day you wake up and your business is in trouble. The successful companies follow a rationalized management system consistently. That is The Profit System. I work and coach you and your management team on the adoption of a management system for long term success. My six week course that you can receive for FREE gives you in-depth informaion and training on this process. Registration is easy – just visit The Profit System and registration is found on the main page.

You will find first module of The Profit System is the cash flow position, rolling two month forecast and financial flash. Start today with knowing your cash position. That means cash available to spend. Move onto this week’s cash receipts and disbursements forecast. Once you have that, take it out 8 weeks. What does it tell you? All of this detail and more is in the FREE Course.

All the best,
Steve Pohlit, Business Consultant

Author: Steve Pohlit

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