Business Development Marketing – Good Examples

Recently I have noticed some great examples of companies applying well established business development practices.
Business Development Marketing – Good Examples

Very Good Business Development Examples

There are two sources of information on how to achieve improved business performance. The first is written material including: books, newsletters, blogs, and other print media. Next is the observation of companies who are implementing the best current advise.

As to best current advice, this does not always mean that current thinking as to best practice is correct. In fact some of the best advise on best practices has been around for quite some time. Recently I have noticed some great examples of companies applying well established business development practices. Why more companies are not doing this I have no idea.

McDonalds uses the $1.00 menu as lead generation. Get them into the store and once they are there other menu items will be sold. The sales and profit numbers say this is working and I like the idea for their niche. I have not seen any examples of McDonalds aggressive capturing contact information of their customers. What retailer would not gladly pay a buck for the contact information in a data base that they could communicate with regularly? I recently worked with a retailer who gave away a $9.00 valued product in exchange for the customer’s information. He understood the value of somebody already spending money with you.

I noticed while watching the national channel covering the Stanley Cup Playoffs several examples of great lead generation. One company was promoting cell phone plans at a discount. They had a compelling offer and a free report was offered at their web site. In addition, they offered a hot new phone if you called their 800# right now. This was excellent and a great example of designing electronic media advertising (T.V.) for maximum results. Everything is in place for them to track all components of this campaign and calculate return on investment.

If you are not on the mailing list of Duluth Trading Company you should be. Register at  They do a great job of using on line and off line marketing. Their catalogues are memorable. The one I received last week stopped me in my tracks. I can still remember the exact shirt that was part of the ad that literally caused me to stop what I was doing and review the rest of the catalogue. There is one thing I don’t understand about Duluth, and that is they don’t seem to target their offer very well. Then again, maybe their numbers are working very well for them.

For maximum business performance, each company must hit on all five pillars of long term success. I have written about those before in greater detail  At this point I remind you that the best marketing strategy precisely implemented will not help you if you do not have the product or service when you customer wants it and your company is not structured for maximum gross margin, profitability and liquidity. My course "How To Increase Profits by 30% of More In 90 Days or Less" is complimentary and is the roadmap on how to maximize all five pillars. If you want to jump start this process, call me. All contact information is 

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