How To Protect Your Blog From a DDOS Attack

How To Protect Your Blog From a DDOS Attack

Any server hosting domains and blogs can be a victim of a ddos attack. When a website or blog is hosted by a service focused on a specific niche, the vulnerability to attack appears to be greater.

The recent ddos attack on blogs could be related to commentary posted by someone on their blog that offended someone with the skills to orchestrate a ddos attack. When you have your business blog with a major service where a wide variety of themes are published your risk increases.

For quite some time, I published a blog using two major services with programs for bloggers. Generally, they worked well. However, there were some issues that left me with an unsecure feeling as I really didn’t have complete control over my blog and I felt more vulnerable than I do now.

My blog operates from the domain name It is hosted by a company with software built into my hosting account that makes it fairly easy to set up a blog.

I have backups off that server for all content that I publish on my blog. In the event of a problem with that host provider, I simply move my domain to another host and my blog is back in business.

I am also now using the blog software platform to create web sites. This is brand new technology that is also very easy to use. For an example of a site nearly complete see I can tell you I am really excited about this particular software and if you want to learn more visit By the way, if you visit you will find many free resources including a mini course to help you if you have an interest in developing an income stream on line.

I strongly recommend investing the time to learn how to register a domain name, set up a domain name on a server, use an html editor,and ftp content to your domain. I avoided learning those skills for many years even though I started in the Internet business more than 10 years ago. Now with a few basic skills, I can set up blogs, create web sites for business or fun.

I am not a design expert as anyone can tell by visiting my sites. However, my skills improve daily I am pleased with my progress. Like I advise all my business clients, clearly define what it is you are trying to accomplish, set a time line for achieving it, roll the completion date back to what you have to begin doing today to achieve the goal on or before your targeted completion date, hen do one more very important thing – take action.

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