The Buzzwords May Change, The Profit Growing Principles Do Not!!

(This article links traditional business with entrepreneurship. The focus is on sound success principles that are proven to work and not on their labels.)

Phred Dvrak writes in the Wall Street Journal that management trends fade quickly. He refers to consultants as fashion surfers and uses dramatic declines in articles published on programs including “Business Process Reengineering” and “Total Quality Management (TQM)” as evidence of his statement. In a nutshell, he believes consultants jump on the latest management theory buzzwords as a means to sell work.

There are a lot of consultants in the world. Like any other profession, there are those who are totally professional and absolute experts at what they do and there are those who are not. Most people in business have their favorite experts. There is a growing list of very credible experts in specialized field and every industry. There is also a growing list of people who pretend to have a lot to offer but really don’t.

The best experts consistently offer guidance based on proven business principles. In a previous article I discussed the importance of testing and cited two retail stores with dramatically different results. If you read material published by direct marketing experts, they have been advising testing for decades. When you read the books and articles published by management experts, the ones who have actually successfully operated one or more companies, you will consistently find they focus on creating a culture for consistent improvement in business performance. It doesn’t matter if the the process is called Business Process Reengineering, TQM, Six Sigma, Kaizen or anything else. What matters is that a company maintains a consistent discipline to examine all details of their business for the purpose of improving business performance.

It is not that hard to know what to do. Every owner or CEO I have worked with always says “I knew what to do. I just did not consistently implement.” My course How To Increase Profits by 30% or More in 90 Days or Less, which is available FREE at is mostly about the disciplined process of making money in your business.

Consistent discipline is the hardest part. Most CEO’s don’t follow a disciplined management system in running their business. I get paid to remind them and their team how to do use an focused sequential process for running their business and most of all I show them the consequences of not doing that. Sometimes I am called in when the patient is critically ill and they are looking for a way to reverse the slide. Sometimes they are too far gone.

A disciplined approach to running your business applies to multi-billion international companies and home based entrepreneurs. John Reese discusses the benefit of rational work long term. He consistently reminds his readers that his current success is a product of working consistently on his business for quite a number of years. Read Dan Kennedy’s book on time management. You will quickly understand the discipline he applies to his business. Everyone I know who has achieved a measure of success with their business has experienced disappointment, financial setbacks, the wrath of creditors and family members. However, they remained focused on their goal and followed a disciplined plan of action to achieve the goal.

In my own career, I have experienced huge success and huge failures. Today I work in two arenas. I work with traditional businesses helping them get stronger and I work on further developing my entrepreneurial interests using on line and off line tools. Many days I am more successful making sure my clients follow the work plan than I am following my own work plan. So I have stepped up my efforts to be in the right mastermind group and I am considering having a business development coach to assist me in accelerating the development plan for my business by holding me more accountable and challenging my priorities.

Most of us need to reinforce the importance of following a work plan to accomplish our business goals. Now this assumes you have clearly written goals and a work plan designed to accomplish those goals. Most people and companies do not have a current definition of their goals, a current work plan designed to achieve those goals and feedback system designed to monitor progress. As a consultant, I help business with that process in all areas of their company and it works very well. As a consultant I know this process works for entrepreneurs which is why I may I am stepping up my own process for achieving optimal results for my own business.

Steve Pohlit, Business Consultant
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