Blogging For Profits No.15: Know How Much You Are Getting and From Whom

Traffic is the first key success factor to successful on line marketing. You cannot move a person from visitor to customer unless the person visit you in the first place. Blogging for Profits is all about using one of the tools in your toolkit for developing traffic to your site. There are a number of other tools that should also be used including, pay per click, direct mail, and other proven marketing resources that work. This issue of Blogging for Profits will show you the exact steps to reading your your traffic statistics.

One of my friends with a cosmetic products and services business is paranoid thinking her website and blog traffic is being diverted to a competitor’s site. Jessie these instructions are written for you dearheart so you and all my readers know how look at server logs and read the traffic trends and sources for that traffic.

The Exact Steps To Reading Website and Blog Server Logs For Visiter Trends and The Source of That Traffic

(These steps are for those who have a website or blog hosted on their own domain and the host provider’s systems offer Cpanel and Fantastico. My host provider is Host Gator which I highly recommend. I am announcing very soon a test program for 20 or so people interested in having their domain, website and blog completely set up for them with hands on instructions on how to update and maintain the website and blog. This test will be at a rediculously low price. Register for email updates at Steve Reports and don’t miss this announcement.)

Step 1. Log into your Cpanel screen by typing in your domain name along with /cpanel. Example

Step 2 Enter your user name and password for your hosting account. When I set up a site and blog for any client I give them this information. If you registered your domain with a hosting service, they either emailed this information to you or you will need to contact them for this information.

Step 3 Once you have Cpanel access, look for the icon that says Web and FTP Stats. Click on it.

Step 4 Now you will see a list of programs to use to view your stats. Pick anyone you like. I use Awstats because of the graphics but there are many programs there – see what ones you like.

Step 5 Explore and see where your traffic is coming from. You will see a section called Who in Awstats and there a link to Hosts. Under that you will find IP addresses for sources of traffic. is a great site for resolving IP addresses meaning it will tell you the name of the site for the number listed. This service is free. From you stats you will be able to see that the search bots like Google are indexing your site. I was looking at my stats for Fast Airport Travel this morning noticing a lot of traffic comes from Feedburner. That is a service I use to promote all my blogs. In a separate post I will write more about Feedburner.

Start exploring your stats and you will learn allot about what is propular or not about your site. I have learned the search engine bots really love blogs which is why you should be reading all the information published in the Blogging for Profits series.

Be well and prosper,
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