Derek Gehl Writes: One of the best internet marketing tools out there just got even easier to use!

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One of the best internet marketing tools out there just got even easier to use!

Blogs are flat out one of the BEST internet marketing tools you can use to continually publish fresh content and thereby boost your search engine rankings.

But if you’ve been thinking that setting up and launching your own blog is either:

a. Too much work

… or

b. Too complicated

… good news just in! — Google’s do-it-yourself blog service — has just rolled out Blogger Beta, a new version that’s intended to make blogging even easier.

Like regular Blogger blogs, Beta blogs are free. Plus, they’ve also got a bunch of cool new features, like:

* Drag-and-drop layout design so you can customize the look of your blog and change colors and fonts more easily

* Tag-specific keywords in your posts that will alert the search engines to your content and increase the chances your blog will show up in search engine results

* Seamless integration with Google AdWords that allows you to publish AdWords on your site with one touch of a button

Unlike with the original Blogger blogs, you’ll need a Google account to open a Beta blog.

And if you’ve already got a Blogger blog, you can transfer your posts over to it in just minutes. But be warned: once you switch to the new version, you can’t go back!

Also, I’ve heard rumours that it’s currently difficult/impossible to transfer a blog on Blogger Beta to a domain. So if you’re thinking about getting your Blogger blog hosted elsewhere in the near future, you’ll probably want to wait until the new version is out of Beta before you decide to upgrade to it.

Blogs are still one of the coolest internet marketing tools around when it comes to spreading the word about your business! If you don’t already have a blog, consider checking out Blogger Beta at:

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