Did The Guru Recommend A Great Web Site and Blog Hosting Solution or Was It A Cleverly Disguised Affiliate Program Promotion?

Did The Guru Recommend A Great Web Site and Blog Hosting Solution or Was It A Cleverly Disguised Affiliate Program Promotion?

Recently a very popular internet marketer whose reputation developed teaching list building published an article on selecting a web hosting service for your web site and blog. Upon closer inspection it appears the primary purpose of the recommendation was to develop affiliate revenue. Here is how I have come to that conclusion:

I started an Internet Service Provider company in 1996 and have since moved to outsourcing all my hosting requirements. Not following sound selection and backup advise can be disastrous. This is a very important topic and the selection criteria detailed in the guru’s article was valuable.

Upon reviewing the recommended service and pricing for hosting I concluded this solution was designed to make money for the person recommending it. The cost for the service recommended by the guru is $24.95 a month plus a one time $10 fee for each new domain name added to the server. The referring person or affiliate receives $10 per month for as long as the person remains a customer. The hosting company nets $14.95. which is a fair price.

Let’s look at the economics from a customer point of view. First adding new domain names requires little or no additional resources by the hosting company. Why the incremental fee of $10 per domain? The company I use has similar bandwidth and storage capacity as the one recommended by the guru, no additional fee for adding domains.

I have added more than 30 domains with everything working fine. I estimate I will have nearly 100 domains hosted before needing to upgrade. Support is excellent. I have used support five or six times this year and each time except once, there was something I was doing incorrectly. Technical support was always respectful and helpful. The price for this service is $14.95 per month.

My hosting company also pays a referral fee and I am an affiliate. They pay me for sign-ups and it is a one time payment. There program recognizes the value of receiving referrals and allows their pricing to remain very competitive for the every user.

After having my own servers with dedicated T-1’s, leased dedicated servers and shared hosting accounts, I can tell you that I absolutely endorse Host Gator. Is that the best hosting company for you? I have no idea. I am happy to say it works very well for me.

The guru’s $24.95 solution is mostly about the guru receiving $10 a month per new sign-up. There is nothing wrong with that as long as you don’t mind paying $24.95 for a $14.95 service.

Be well and prosper,
Steve Pohlit
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