What Is Pay Per Lead (PPL)?

What Is Pay Per Lead (PPL)?

It’s One Of The Easiest Ways To Make Money Online!

The two monetization models that you are most probably already familiar with are (1) Pay Per Click and (2) Pay Per Sale (affiliate sale).

Question: What Is Pay Per Click (PPC)?

Answer: You display PPC ads on your web pages. A visitor clicks on an ad. You make money per click. This is usually a small amount; mostly in cents.

The visitor’s action is clicking.

Question: What is Pay Per Sale (PPS or Affiliate Sale)?

Answer: You display an affiliate ad/link for Product AAA on your website. A visitor clicks on the ad/link and is taken to Product AAA website. If the visitor buys Product AAA, you make an affiliate commission.

The visitor’s action is buying. It’s a cash-conversion action. The visitor has to buy in order for you to make money.

Question: What about Pay Per Lead?

Answer: It is somewhere between these two monetization models:


Here’s how it works… very simple:

You display Pay Per Lead ads on your website.

Visitors click on the ads and are taken to the merchants/advertisers’ websites.

The merchant usually offers the visitor something valuable for free, in return for taking some form of action, which does not include buying anything.
Pay-per-lead programs are generally designed to promote some type of free product or service.

You make commissions for every person who performs the non-cash conversion action.

Again, people do not have to buy anything in order for you to make money!

What Types Of Action Are Visitors Required To Take?

Here are some:

– Signing up for a newsletter or opt-in list. Visitor signs up, you make money/Pay Per Lead commissions!

– Taking a poll or filling out a survey. Visitor participates in a survey, you make money/Pay Per Lead commissions!

– Supplying contact information like a name/email address. Visitor fills in his/her contact info, you make money/Pay Per Lead commissions!

– Filling a form. Visitor fills in a form, you make money/Pay Per Lead commissions

– Joining a free program. Visitor joins a free program, you make money/Pay Per Lead commissions.

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