How Your Internet and Offline Marketing Costs Can Be Cut Drastically!!

I am not advising anyone to take any action based on anything written here. If you have any questions do not ask this CPA. Do not go to Ask The Consultant and send me questions. If you have questions, contact a qualified adviser on this topic.

Now having said that….

Are you in any programs that charge a monthly fee where you use their software as part of that program? Have you attended any conferences this year or seminars? Have you purchased any books, CD’s, DVD’s, rights to download PLR articles and other material?

Did you know the US tax law allows you to deduct expenses incurred for operating a business? Did you know your business does not have to be incorporated to take advantage of these deductions? Did you know that Section 179 of the US tax code allows you to deduct the cost of property purchased a business up to $100,000 and the list of eligible property for that deduction includes off the shelf software.

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