Ken McCarthy Writes About Blogs For Business

What about blogs?

Are they worth the effort? Or are they
just a fad for folks with too much time
on their hands?

I was a blog-skeptic until Internet pioneer
Dave Taylor sold me on them.

If sharing information is part of your
sales process (and it’s part of EVERY
sales process no matter what you’re
selling), then publishing a blog deserves
a serious look no matter what business
you’re in.

Here’s why:

A well done blog can be a traffic magnet.

Unlike e-mails, blog posts persist
and are findable on search engines.

Dave found this out with his blog
“Ask Dave Taylor” when valuable traffic
about PSP (the Sony Playstation)
started flooding his highly regarded
technology blog because of some
posts he made.

There are even ways to profit from
blogging without starting a blog of
your own…

First, the right blog can be a peerless
source of great information in your field.

Finding the good ones in your niche and
reading them regularly is a great way to
make sure you’re on the edge of the curve,
not flattened by it.

Second, OPB (other people’s blogs) can
be a source of traffic for you.

I’m not talking about the weasels who
sp@m people’s blogs with junk posts (known
as “splogging.”)

Here’s the secret:

Don’t just read the best blogs in your
niche. Figure out how you can do business
with the people who run them. The good
ones have traffic and influence you can
tap into.

Many bloggers sell advertising and blog
ads can be a low cost, highly targeted buy.
As always, know your numbers and track.

You can also volunteer to write for specific
blogs – with a link to your site as
“pay.” For example, I just enjoyed a week
as the guest host on the blog for the
International Association of Online Communicators.

There are probably opportunities like this
in your market.

As Dave Taylor points out, search engines –
especially Google – love good blogs and having
your name and web address spread all over
the blogosphere in an authentic way is a
very good thing for long term search ranking.

Find the great blogs in your market
and start making new friends today.

How do you find the best blogs on the
Internet? That’s the easy part.

I’ve just found a super resource here:


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