Pohlit Partners With Schoeffel To Offer 5 Smart, Fast Acting People – FOUR – 100% Turnkey Money Making Websites With Their Own Domain and CPanel Hosting Account

Jean-Phillippe Schoeffel has launced Adsense Firesale 3 and it is hot. There is simply too many valuable products and bonuses to list here. For a description of the complete package visit but before you do read the rest of this message:

Part of Jean’s offer is four very extensive money making sites with blogs each in a different hot niche market. I have gone through much of the leaning curve of installing Jean’s sites as a member of Niche In A Box. Part of that process is knowing how to configure the files and load them on a server. I also know for maximum results long term you need to host each site using a unique domain name. The blog can be set up in a subdomain.

The additional value 5 people will receive when they order Adsense Firesale 3 at include:

• A domain name that you choose for up to four sites
• Hosting for one year
• Configuration of one site including set up on the server
• Coaching on set up and configuration of the next three sites

What is the additional value of this offer? Well domain names for one year are about $10 each. Hosting that I use is $29.95 a month but there is an account you can get for $14.95 a month so let’s use that number. $14.95 times 12 is almost $180. So those additional products are worth about $220.00. Now there is the value of my time for setting this up and helping you. Rather than give you a lot of numbers as to what people pay me for consulting services, let’s just leave that out it and you determine what it is worth after you are up and running. If you like the help and advise then all I will be asking for are ideas on how to do this better/faster and your recommendation to others.

This is a test. I have felt for a long time that people want more features in the do-it-for-you model. So we will see. I am only doing this for 5 people because my time is very limited and there is a bit of work to do in setting these up.

If you have the experience and skill to set this up yourself, great!! You will still need a domain name for each site and hosting. If you think my offer may be on the table for awhile – you might be right. I have no idea. But Jean’s offer will run out when the packages are sold. How fast you act is up to you. Here is the link again: Once your register, email me to let me know and when I have confirmation from Jean we will begin. Please note for 5 people it is likely to take me 2 weeks or so to get everyone set up so first come first served. If you are chomping at the bit – go do this now.

Steve Pohlit, Business Development Consultant

If you want to see an example of one of Jean’s sites that is working visit

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