Steve Pohlit Opens Ask The Consultant

I am pleased to announce the opening of Ask The Consultant There is no charge, you don’t have to register and I will answer all business development and Internet Marketing related questions usually within 48 hours.

This sevice is offered in response to survey’s showing most people are hesitant to contact a consultant for many reasons including:

Fear they cannot afford it.
Consultants “Wind Your Watch To Tell You What Time It Is”
Cannot find the right person.
Do not know consultants are very interested in being helpful.
Think a consultant needs to be in their market for the project to work.

These and many other myths associated with using a consultant will be addressed and published at Ask The Consultant Please note this is a new service and I have taken one of my traditional sites and I am migrating it to the Ask The Consultant model. This is a work in progress

Steve Pohlit
Business Development Consulting

Steve Pohlit has more than 20 years experience running very large and medium sized companies. Steve now consults personally with clients to design and implement processes that will deliver improved business performance for the long term. Most projects are self-funding within 90 days. The client then experiences a very high return on investment. Learn more about the process of Increasing Profits by 30% or More In 90 Days or Less by visiting or you can call 727-587-7871 and speak with Steve directly.

Author: Steve Pohlit

Independent BEMER Distributor Real Estate Investor Business and Real Estate Coach, Consultant Professional Speaker, Author

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