Blogging For Profits Supplement: Subscribers Know The Value of Content. Now Create Content Leverage

Look closely at this blog you will notice there are allot of posts. For the most part I have written all of them. You will not find a bunch of shallow 500 word reports written by some ghost writer named Boris. The information presented at Steve Reports
is focused within a narrow range.

Now does this mean you have to originate all of your own content. Absolutely not! I have a site and related blog where I have commented maybe once in every 50 posts. Check it out the site is all about essential oils I know – that is a shameless plug. So what? This is my blog and I can write it. You can do the same – create a blog and start publishing.

Let’s go deeper. Blogging For Profit veterans know the power of regularly posting to their WordPress based blog. Now here is a very valuable lesson: make each of your articles be a driving force of targeted traffic to your site and blog. How do you do this? I am so glad you asked.

Jason Potash is responsible for my addiction to content. Some time ago (don’t ask me) I purchased Article Announcer and this is really cool… two guys get on the phone have a discussion, record it and sell the recording and software for allot of money. I have not advanced to the point where any normal person wants to pay to listen to any of my phone conversations but I am working on it.


When you write an article for your blog, you can take that same article and publish it in the article directories. Of course you know your article needs to have deep links, back links, sideway links etc. to wherever it is you want your reader to click. Your article must also contain a resource box, with some snippet about you and your site.

Now the article directories pick it up and someone looking for content on the subject you published finds you and uses your material with your links and their audience reads your material and some of them click on your links and, well… you get the picture.

Submitting to Article Directories Is A Pain Unless

You use the submission tool I use which makes article submission a breeze. The two guys on the phone that I mentioned are none other than John Reese and Jason Potash. I devoured this content because it made perfect logical sense to me.

Disclosure: I am an affiliate and Jason pays me money when someone buys Article Announcer based on my recommendation. On this blog my primary recommendation is that you hire me as your business consultant or refer me to someone you know and make a very nice referral fee (another shameless plug). I have numerous sites I recommend that are listed below. I rarely discuss a product in this forum but my Blogging For Profits and Business Building fans need to know about Article Announcer.


If you read this far then you deserve to know Jason is running a short term special price on the electronic version of Article Announcer. Check it out

I wish you prosperous health, happiness and abundance

Steve Pohlit
Business Development Consulting

Steve Pohlit has more than 20 years experience running very large and medium sized companies. Steve now designs and implements processes with large and small companies that will deliver improved business performance for the long term. Most projects are self-funding within 90 days. . Learn more about the process of Increasing Profits by 30% or More In 90 Days or Less by visiting or you can call 727-587-7871 and speak with Steve directly. Have a question? Click Here To Visit Ask The Consultant If you want to learn how to use a blog to build your business then register for the the free mini-course “Blogging for Profits” at Steve Reports. Did you know you can make a ton of money by referring a business that converts to consulting project? Just thought I’d mention that.

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