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RSS versus Email

by Lynette Chandler

All right, I admit it. I’m writing this in an emotionally charged situation. And no this is not about which is best, who is right and not doing one thing that will kill your business overnight. Actually this came about quite by accident when a friend asked about an article claiming that Email is doomed, RSS is the replacement and if a fellow marketer and I would agree.

You should know that I am not selling any type of RSS related products. The reason you should know this is so you know my thoughts on RSS and the technology is not based on something that I can gain from, it is my real opinion based on my business experience. I also simply love email marketing, it’s been very good to me. Email marketing has helped me build my income, no doubt, and I wouldn’t be without if for anything. So what’s this article all about?

Most people miss the point on RSS. RSS is not only capable of delivering newsletters or updates. An important point to always keep in mind is that email is not the same as RSS and RSS is not email, thinking they are will do a great injustice to how they can potentially be used. RSS offers many capabilities that just aren’t leveraged. FedEx got it right when they started to offer parcel tracking via RSS.

Now you want to know what to do with RSS without dealing with a newsletter, right?

1. Syndicate

An article can be published in many different newspapers in many places all at the same time, ever wonder how this is possible? A radio show can be distributed nationally or globally, ever wonder how as well? It’s because of syndication. When an article, radio show or your content is syndicated it automatically and instantly shows up in the format that has been determined, without you having to do anything else.

So in short, how would you like it if every time you published a new article, the article appears on a bunch of other people’s websites immediately? No more article submissions, no more hoping an article will be picked up.

2.Affiliate support

Quit making your affiliates copy and paste codes. If you had a way to instantly update your affiliate’s websites when you had new specials, an event or something new to add to your product would you like that? Well, RSS can do that.


Let’s face it; we are all too busy to do research yes to stay on top of our industry or niches, we need to be up to date. On the latest news and happenings, what other people are discussing, what people are saying they want. You can create RSS feeds on anything that will alert you anytime something you want to know about in your niche comes up. Let the technology to the leg work for you and spend less time on your computer.

I hope from this article you’ve thought about doing more than just comparing email to RSS and starting thinking about the potential of this great technology. If you need more ideas and thoughts about how to use RSS visit my site and pick up the newsletter I offer on marketing technology. You’ll get straight talk and easy to understand tips and ideas to help you make the most of it. Don’t ever stop publishing your newsletter either.

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