Dumb and Dumber Are Brilliant

Have you followed these guys? The buzz started in Atlanta when Brad Fallon and Andy Jenkins invited Brock and Buck to speak to more than 500 very intelligent and mostly very experienced business people. In the crowd were many of the familiar internet marketing gurus. (If you don’t know what I am talking about stay with this for a very valuable lesson.)

I don’t know for certain that it started in Atlanta, but the creativity behind the buzz is brilliant. Reading their emails and watching their video’s was addictive. These guys made you feel like you went to grade school together. And this guy Brock, well he pulled off comments like “I don’t know what ftp is!” and in the same sentence telling you about his “7 Figure A Month Business”

The B&B show was amazing. These guys should be on SNL or Comedy Central. Better yet, their routine is good enough for Leno. Can you imagine the Leno crowd seeing these guys saying: “We dress like this ( casual shirts and jeans) on TV but when we are at work, we wear swim suits since our offices are by the pool. And yes we have sales in excess of $1 million a month with this system.” I am thinking The Donald may want to bring them in for a discussion.

Brock and Buck (true names and not molded from Broke Back Mountain – I don’t think) had most major guru’s on board promoting their product. Reese, Kern, Dale, Filsaime, Moya, Shefren, Ambrose to name a few. (I am still thinking about who didn’t jump on this and why – a topic for another article.) How did the Dumb and Dumber duo do this? My take on it is they demonstrated with hard facts that what they are doing works in a big way.

Anyone who breaks out from the crowd and earns the admiration of the internet marketing gurus (a tough crowd) deserves congratulations and careful study. There are enormous marketing lessons to be learned from this product launch. Learning from creative, innovative, prosperous people in my view is the most compelling reason to join this launch – no I am not an affiliate so there is no link.

I wish you prosperous health, happiness and abundance

Steve Pohlit
Business Development Consulting

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P.S. B&B even added a new twist to the traditional “the volume overloaded the servers” This time “they overloaded 1 shopping cart” Are you studying the success stories? Hope so.

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