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Joel Comm’s AdSense Secrets
February 5, 2007



How’s that for a headline?

I hope it got your attention, because what I am about to
share with you can be HUGE. And I have THREE things
I need to share with you. So be sure you read all the
way to end or you might miss out on the best stuff!

Ok, here’s the deal (pardon my excitement, but this
really is big!)

As you know, AdSense is not the only contextual
advertising service on the web. Google IS the
largest, but YPN, Kontera and many other services
are also showing great promise.

Well, up until last week, Google was very clear that
other contextual ad services were NOT allowed on the
same pages as AdSense.


As of last week, Google clarified their terms of service,
and certain contextual ad services which do not mimic
AdSense ads ARE now allowed! That means you can use
Kontera and Chitika on your site.

What does that mean?

I added Kontera to ONE of my sites and am now earning
an extra $70 per DAY! Do the math. That’s an extra

Now one of the downsides to Kontera is that they have
a requirement that you must be able to deliver at least
500,000 page views per month in order to be considered.

But don’t be discouraged if you don’t meet this requirement…


Calling this is a major point is an understatement. Here’s why.

I have been in discussion with the Kontera team, and have
been telling them that there is a massive number of publishers
who would love to participate in their program if they would
only make it accessible to those with fewer page views.

Guess what?

They have heard my plea for you!

As of today, you may now sign up as a “friend of Joel
Comm” to use Kontera on your web site no matter how
many page views you have per month!

50,000 views/month?

No problem.

10,000 views/month?

No problem.

1,000 views/month?

Still… no problem.

100 views/month?

Kontera has indicated that they will take any publisher
that enters as a “friend of Joel Comm”, as long as your
site doesn’t violate any of their other foundational
terms. In other words…

No problem!

See, I TOLD you this was HUGE!

A brand new revenue stream has been opened for thousands
upon thousands of web publishers, and you will want to
take advantage of this opportunity right away. If you don’t,
I guarantee you are leaving money on the table. Not only
is Kontera’s technology first rate, but I have discovered that
there is NO decrease in my AdSense earnings when running
Kontera on the same pages!

To qualify for Kontera’s “every publisher” program, you must
follow this link:
Tell them I sent you and you should have your account set
up at no time!

But wait…

… there is MORE!


Now stay with me. The fun is just beginning as I am
going to help you build your business by giving you
a free gift.

And when I say free, I mean free.

I am currently working on an updated version
of my Kontera Secrets ebook. It will be available
in a month or so.

But I would like to GIVE YOU a FREE copy of
Kontera Secrets v1.0 to help you get started
with Kontera right away. This ebook currently sells
for $27 and I am going to give it to you. Free.

What do you need to do to get it?

Accept yet ANOTHER gift from me!

We’re almost there… hang tight…

By now, you know the name Rich Schefren. If you
don’t, you should. Rich is the coach to the Internet
marketing gurus. He is the go-to guy that I and
many others look to for advice and input!

Rich has been studying the online community for a
number of years and is deeply concerned about what is
working in the Internet Marketing community.

He has told me that he sees people who honestly want
to grow an Internet business follow paths to certain
failure and destruction.

And he wants to do something about it.

If you’ve tried program after program after program and
have still been unable to grow your business. It’s probably
NOT YOUR FAULT. In fact, there are several very real
reasons why this has happened to you – why your business
builder efforts have been doomed to failure right from
the start.

Right now, for an EXTREMELY limited time, Rich is offering
you a chance to grab a virtual seat at his member’s only
seminar (some people have paid over $2997 to attend).

Heck, I paid $5000 for Rich’s coaching!

Your investment to participate in this virtual seminar?

Zip. Zilch. Zero. Nada.

It’s free. 🙂

Don’t miss this live streaming video conference. I know
it’s going to be killer.

So how do you get your FREE Kontera Secrets report from
me, explaining how to make money with Kontera on your
web site(s)?


First, follow this link to get signed up for Rich
Schefren’s member’s-only seminar…
If you are fast enough, you will receive an email confirming
your reservation.

Simply forward that email to: to
receive your Kontera Secrets ebook download link!

I told you this was great stuff!

So, to sum up…

1) Apply for Kontera immediately at:

2) Reserve a seat for Rich Schefren’s FREE members-only
seminar at:
3) Send your event confirmation email to:

and you will receive your FREE Kontera Secrets report!

I hope you appreciate the effort I have made to get
Kontera to open their program to all publishers…

And I hope you enjoy the free report!

Rich’s member’s-only seminar is the icing on the cake
that you will not want to miss!

Be sure to take advantage of everything I have described
as this kind of thing doesn’t happen very often. 🙂

To your success,


Email from Joel Courtesy of Steve Pohlit

May you permanently experience prosperous health, happiness and abundance

Steve Pohlit
Business Development Consulting

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