Blogging For Business Profits Supplement: Wakeman's Recipe For A Blog

I receive email notification when there is new content posted to Build A Business Blog. I suggest you go there a register for this service right now. While there, read the five part series Recipe For A Blog. While some of the material is covered in Blogging For Profits, there is valuable information that I have not covered.

Blogging is a rapidly developing field and there are an increasing number of publishers offering advise on developing blogs. Denise and Patsi do a good job of offering helpful information. If you are interested in Building Business Blogs, you will be well served by monitoring the content posted at their blog. One example here is the list of what is covered in Recipe For A Blog:

Recipe For a Blog: 8 Key Ingredients to a Good Business Blog
A Delicious Blog Name
©2007 Patsi Krakoff, Psy. D. & Denise Wakeman, The Blog Squad

As The Blog Squad, we hear this complaint from entrepreneurs who start blogging: “Why isn’t my blog working for my business?” As part of our “blog crisis prevention” program, we have reviewed hundreds of business blogs and can spot common errors immediately.

Blogs that work well for attracting new clients have these key elements:

1. A delicious blog name
2. A tag line or blog purpose statement
3. An easy way to get automatic blog updates
4. A list of categories
5. A list of recent posts and recent comments
6. Links to useful websites, products and services
7. Frequent posts with links relevant to the blog’s purpose
8. An easy way for readers to have a conversation with the author

I wish you prosperous health, happiness and abundance

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