Possibly Rich Shefren’s Most Valuable Sentence From His Live Presentation

The live feed was near perfect. After a few introductory comments Rich said ” work on yourself first, then build revenue and once you gain momentum, focus on your staff.” He provided valuable content for the remaining two hours of the live feed. He covered it very briefly but the statement was powerful…WORK ON YOUSELF FIRSt!! More on that in another post. For now back to the show.

In every presentation there are debatable points. However thousands, with me included, are grateful for the education Rich delivered using this “no money required” format. For those of you who think this presentation was free then you missed Rich’s point on the value of your time.

As a seasoned business development consulting professional (www.stevepohlit.com) I have helped many companies implement most of the techniques Rich teaches. I have many success stories. Few are with name brands. On the other hand Rich has a long list of name brand clients. He is a wizard at marketing. Look at the list of people who gave him testimonials. He earned them all I am sure. One Rich presented was from Jay Abraham. If anyone knows the reputation of Jay Abraham you will understand the value of Jay’s testimonial.

I have been paying close attention to the marketing strategies of the well known names including Rich. I need to step my promotions up a number of notches. How about you? A major takeaway for me is that it makes no difference how good you are, if nobody knows it then you can’t help them. Another one is his emphasis on evaluating what you do vs. having someone else do it. Maybe like me you have heard this before. I don’t know where I learned it. Maybe it was from one of the notables like, Jay Abraham, Dan Kennedy, Ken McCarthy, John Reese and the list goes on. Rich delivered an excellent slant on the value of our time.

This seminar was a great marketing example. Rich Shefren had a notable list of JV partners promote this. What was their motivation? Seems to me it is the sharing of the revenue from people who signed up for his backend program. But they wouldn’t have done it if Rich didn’t have the credibility.

Now it wasn’t that hard to promote. After all, how many seminar leaders run a live two hour feed from the seminar The result was a represented 10,000 people tuning in. Of course I have no idea what the conversion rate was. However, if 100 people joined, well do the math. Regardless of the conversion, Rich proved the technology works. Will it replace live seminars? Nope!! But imagine the possibilities. Think of a major event from a coast opposite of where you live or from another country. I could see mini conferences gathering regionally to network in connection with the main event. Why not? JV Alert started with 19 people around a hotel conference table in Philadelphia. Now look at. We’ll see where this goes.

As an aside, I was at the first JV Alert meeting. I met Ken McCarthy, Allyn Cutts, Cody Moya “Mr. Road Trip” Sterling Valentine and more. Every contact from that meeting will take my phone call and repond to my emails. Of course I will do the same. Value – priceless. You cannot replace that with a camera, screen and live feed. Speaking of Stearling – he is on the road again. Click here to see what he is up to.

There are a couple of techniques that Rich teaches that have not been ones that I have emphasized. Many of my clients have big issues that need addressed fast and often I don’t get the the process mapping phase. I will absolutely implement that with the newest company I am working with which is a $10 million business generating 80+% of it’s business on-line. It sources physical product internationally and in general is hugely successful. So why am I working with them? Simple, they can easily be ten time larger in terms of revenue and profits in 24 months. That is the target.

The content Rich offered in the streaming feed from his live seminar will help me. From a look at some of the comments at Strategic Profits allot of other people are happy as well. Thank you Rich, I am most appreciative for all the lessons.

May you and all permanently experience prosperous health, happiness and abundance

Steve Pohlit
Business Development Consulting

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