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I am a major fan of Randy Gage. I hope you enjoy the following as much as I did.

Dear Steve,

Ok, no use denying it. I’ve been remiss in my duties writing
you. Since we talked last I did some R&R in the balmy breezes of
Hawaii, just watching the whales go by, and conducted a program
in San Diego. After that, I journeyed to some not very tropical
places, like Houston, Madison, Wisconsin (minus three degrees),
and Indianapolis.

And speaking of Indy, how about those Colts? Yeah baby!

Unfortunately my poor mother is a long-time Bears fans. As if
that were not enough, she’s also a life-long Cubs fan. Throw in
raising me, and you have to wonder how much agony and suffering
one poor woman is supposed to endure.

Anyway I’m back in South Beach and life is simply delicious. All
the doors and windows are open and the weather is perfect. Those
pale tourists from the Midwest who came down for the Super Bowl
are gone, and only us truly trendy and beautiful people are
left. (With the exception of those pesky Canadians.) The line at
Joe’s Stone Crabs is down to a manageable 30 minutes, Shaq is
back in the line-up, and the Dolphins have a new head coach.

South Beach is back to its normal state of swaying palm trees,
half-naked roller bladers, and crystal meth labs working
overtime. I’m just kidding about the meth labs. Those are across
the bay in Miami. South Beach is only the dealers.

Anyway, it is the perfect time of year to live in South Florida.
Espanola Way is teeming with action for the Sunday Farmer’s
Market, even the crack houses have the windows open, and the
volleyball nets are up at the nude beach at Haulover Park.

And as everything was not already perfect, pitchers and catchers
are starting to report. Anyway, all this joy, fun, and seasons
in the sun has me in an expansive mood, so I decided to write
and let you know about a few cool things you should know about.

My friend Art Jonak turned me on to a fascinating book. It’s
titled, “The Long Tail” by Chris Anderson. It’s a fresh,
insightful, and thought-provoking look at marketing. Everyone in
business should read this, and Internet marketers should
absolutely devour it. This is one of those seminal thinking
books that breaks through conventional thinking like “The
Tipping Point,” “The idea Virus,” etc. Get it at Amazon. Now.

I’m part-way through the new book by Barack Obama. While I won’t
go as far as Joe Biden did when he suggested that Obama was the
first articulate black person to run for president, I will say
he is the best spin master. I thought Jesse knew how to work the
media machine, but Obama plays it like a violin. The book so far
is a brilliant study in positioning. No matter your politics,
read it to see how a master defines his image in the

I can’t remember seeing such heat in a US presidential race so
early before an election before. A lot of serious contenders, a
lot of jockeying for early endorsements, and not just a few
missteps. Looking at it not for the ideology or issues, but just
from a marketing context, there are some fascinating storylines.

First off, can someone please forward this to the Republican
party? Guys, the rule for this election is, “It’s Iraq, stupid.”
When even Pat Buchanan admits the war was a mistake, you’ve got
to realize this one will bite you. Learn the lessons of Vietnam.

Popular sentiment has shifted, and people have realized the best
way to support our troops is to not ask them to be sitting duck
referees in sectarian civil wars.

Special note to Republican hopefuls: If you have a choice of
appearing at a campaign rally with President Bush, or the Dixie
Chicks, start singing country.

And can someone please explain Electoral Collage 101 to the
Democrats? Guys your front runners are all unelectable. In the
last 30 years, America has elected only three Democrats
president: Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, and Al Gore.

The common denominator is that they each came from the South,
and were able to pick up at least a couple southern states.
(With Carter actually grabbing them all.) Unless you nominate
Kevin Federline, you’re going to win New York anyway. You will
carry California anyway. But you still can’t get enough
electoral votes without snagging something down South.

For some reasons, the Democrats have a propensity for running
liberals from the Northeast – who are naturally suited to win
the nomination, but lose the general election. All those little
states with four, seven, or 10 electoral votes out west and in
the south still trump CA and NY.

I honestly believe America is more than ready to elect a woman
or black man president. But when it does happen – it will most
likely be one down south or out west. Which means – gasp – that
it will likely be a Republican!

Now of course if the President invades anyplace else, all bets
are off. Then the Democrats can nominate Federline with Ozzie
Osbourne as his running mate and still win.

It will be fun to watch. In fact, I’m thinking of doing a column
just on the ways the different candidates from both parties use
the Internet for their marketing efforts. This will play an
ever-increasing role in future elections.

Anyway, enough ranting about the vulgarities of the American
political process. Let’s get back to something else you should
know about:

It’s a great offer from Internet marketing guru Derek Gehl. If
you’ve ever wondered where he gets his most lucrative ideas for
generating massive traffic and profits on the Internet, here’s
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He’s agreed to pull back the curtain of his private testing
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They throw out anything that can’t make you at least a grand a
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So if you’ve been afraid to start a website, or know yours is
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Marketing Tips
BTW, Derek’s also going to give the first 250 people to contact
him unlimited access to his team of Internet marketing
specialists, so move fast, and then make the most of it.

I’m off to Tampa for another softball tournament this weekend.
I’ll check in on the other side. Hope you have a great week!


P.S. Click over to Derek’s site and it could be the most
lucrative and productive time you spend this week.

P.P.S. If anyone asks you, I was dating Anna Nicole around the
time of conception.

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