How To Hit Any Goal: A “Cast In Stone” Success Formula

I recently began working with a business that is another example of a company with enormous potential being held back by a culture that worked when the business was much smaller. The owner discussed with me all the barriers and roadblocks he is experiencing. He expressed doubt that I would be able to break through with the existing team.

In less than two week the owner said ” I see us making great progress – keep it going” What did I do? What I always do – applied the “Success Formula” What is that? It is no secret. Mark Joyner details the process in the first couple of chapters of Simpleology 101 that is FREE

In a Nutshell:


You cannot achieve anything unless you have a clear definition of what it is that you want. Once you define the target, you must develop a detailed workplan that is time phased and is designed to get you to your destination. None of this is any good unless you take action, measure your action against expected results and modify your plan based on the variances you are seeing.

Plan-Actual-Variance My consulting clients have heard me say this often and demand they do it. After all the bitchin and moanin they get to work and begin to see the results. Gradually you see more and more smiles.

Is this tough? No! The hard part is like anything else. The Process requires consistent application and that takes discipline.

That is why there is big market for consultants and the best consultants are the ones that work with people until their habits change.

By the way, now that you have read this you still need Simpleology 101 because Mark also teaches discipline and does a great job of it. Click Here for Simpleology 101

Update: I just watched a video by Rich Shefren that is very good and addresses this topic with a focus on Internet Marketers Here is the link
May you and all permanently experience prosperous health, happiness and abundance

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