Three Days With Gary Halbert

In the fall of 2005 I received an invitation from Gary Halbert to a seminar in Orlando Florida titled “Root Canal”. He wrote many things in his invitation, but I will never forget the sentence where he said he was “the only instructor”.

At other seminars on copywriting and direct response marketing, Gary was always mentioned. Well, he was not just mentioned. There was usually a story to go with it. You either really liked this man or didn’t. Regardless, everyone respected his work.

I was one who liked the man and was fascinated by his marketing mind. Of course I raised my hand almost the instant I received the invitation and several months later I was off to Orlando for the Root Canal seminar.

There were about 60 of us in a small hotel conference room. Gary arrived early sat down and didn’t stop for three days. It was the most remarkable experience. A master just told us as much as he possibly could in three days about what he knew. True to form, he also would have had a large audience rolling out of their seats during a late night comedy hour and I do stress the late night part.

Brock Felt during his launch of Pipeline Profits tells of being called on by Gary for a hot seat and being told by Gary to sit down. I can tell you that is true since I was there. There were others with very recognizable names. I experienced the difference between someone successful and a master.

I know Gary’s influence is with us as long as we want it to be. I am sincerely grateful for having made the decision to attend Root Canal and to have met, talked and experienced his brilliance in person.

The loss of the human form is difficult for all of us. I pray his family. friends and admirers find peace in the letters, tapes and many memories he left all of us. Gary thank you for what you gave.

Steve Pohlit

PS If you have not visited and book marked and copied his work published there go to The Gary Halbert Letter now and get started

Author: Steve Pohlit

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