Companies Saying "We Don't Want Your Money"

It happens every week. It happened again this morning. I try to spend money on a product or service and I am told ” We Don’t Want Your Money, Steve”!

Do the people working for these companies actually say those words? Not really, but they make doing business so difficult, I ask myself, “why are you spending your money with them”?

The answer in most cases is that I don’t have the time to find an Internet provider to replace Bright House and I don’t want to find another gym just because the Bally’s Fitness Center promotion that says “Renew by Phone 24 Hours a Day” is really just kidding.

What I know from these experiences and many more that happen all the time is that there are tons of opportunities out there for people to make money by solving these problems. I also know the companies that cause all of this inconvenience, the ones that are huge time bandits and who do not deliver value for what they charge, can fix those problems – if they want to.

Business is simple. I started talking about that in the first video of my new program 10 Minute MBA . Solving the problems that frustrate the customer is easy. Yes it is easy.

In the next few days, I will release the second video. I will disclose exactly how to set up a foundation tool that I use all the time for helping companies achieve their business and profit goals.

If you think this is just for companies with a lot of employees you are mistaken. This process applies to every company in business to make a profit even you are working from you kitchen table in your underwear.

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This series is FREE and because it is FREE some of my competitors are not happy. Others are delighted because they are using all of this material with their clients. I am fine with that. There are so many companies that need help.

May you and all permanently experience prosperous health, happiness and abundance

Steve Pohlit
Business Development Consulting

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