John Reese Owes Me No Apology

If you are on John’s subscriber list you probably received an email this morning from John Reese apologizing for a recent promotion by The Rich Jerk for a charity event at the Playboy mansion. If you are not on his list, you should be and click here to join.

If you look up John Reese in my book of business people I admire, you will find John on the first page. He is in the elite group of Internet Marketers which is why RJ wants him at the charity event and is exactly why he deserves to be there as a VIP.

I am guessing John caught heat from bible belt fundamentalists and others – people who believe their role in life is to pass judgment. I don’t know about you, but I am in no position to pass judgment on anyone. If something is promoted, published or broadcast in any way shape or form that I personally don’t align with, I simply look for the delete key.

John, please don’t go down the path of responding to those who feel they have the right answer on how we should conduct our life. Candidly that is a personal decision. If you feel you compromised you belief system by something you promoted, remember that is history and just readjust your focus going forward.

I am among the least qualified to lecture on the topics of The Law of Attraction and other prosperity principles. However, I will say this, nothing you are doing John is in conflict with what your talents. Every promotion and product you are involved with is a gift. It is an instructional gift on how to develop business.

John – please no more apologies. Remember the Jimmy Carter revelation in Playboy? This is where I will make one judgmental comment – that was pathetic. Don’t go there.

May you and yours experience permanent prosperity in all areas of you life.

Steve Pohlit

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