The Greatest Fear of Drug Dealers

There is an econimic lesson here:

Did you know that under our current system, if you included beer in the same category as marijuana, cocaine, heroin, crack, etc that a beer would likely cost you more than $25 a bottle?

The number one fear of drug lords is that drugs becomes legal.

I watched a CNN report tonight that shows how growing poppies in Afghanistan is fueling the terrorists. Let’s review the economics as reported by CNN

A gram of heroin on the street of New York is $100,000 and a farmer who grows the poppy for that $100,000 sale gets $300. Now if heroin was treated the same way as alcohol, I am guessing that same gram of heroin would be worth say $1,000 and the farmer in Afghanistan would be paid maybe a dollar for the poppies.

Now if those were the economics, what do you think would happen to the drug trade?

CNN reports that the growing of poppies in Afghanistan and surrounding countries is a major contributor to the funds required by terrorists. Why is it that Anderson Cooper who is marketed as being an outstanding reporter skirts the solution to the drug problem? Actually the answer is simple. CNN would not allow the stance that drugs should be legal. Anderson’s posture is not surprising. We have people seemingly reporting all over the world on issues like drugs, trafficking in children, global warming and more and ending the report with politically incorrect conclusions. Politically icorrect means following the money from your employer to your wallet.

I am stating that the idea of being politically correct to appease the masses and generate ratings is wrong.

This matter of our current drug control process, should really piss off a lot of people simply because of the amount of money spent in the US trying to control the drug problem.

Look at it this way: 10% of the tax money you pay goes for fighting the drug war. So out of a 40 hour work week, you send 4 hours of work to solve the drug problem. Now I am looking at CNN tonight and seeing all the people and weaponry used to track down and stop some production in Afghanistan. The most significant results reported was the confiscation of product with a street value of $1.5 million. Come on … it cost that much to have all the staff and equipment on site for one week. What a pitiful return on investment.

Folks – it doesn’t work. The economics fuel the problem. When is America going to get this point? Given the street value of drugs, there is every incentive on the face of the earth to deliver the drugs. Take away the incentive, package all of the street popular drugs and sell them like we do alcohol and the result is that terrorists and a lot of other crime loses their funding.

Once drugs are legalized then we can move in the direction of helping those addicted. There are programs every day and every week for those having a problem with alcohol. I have not read one report or seen one CNN special linking the production of alcohol to terrorism. If I missed the show please email me.

Let’s see – cut off the source of funding and terrorism disappears. Cut off the source of funding and source of crime associated with obtaining money to buy drugs dries up. Imagine that!! Now ask yourself why is it that our leaders are putting up with the bullshit of thinking legislation and jail is the answer for drug trafficking?

I am suggesting an answer here – we are letting our government believe it is the right answer to continue to control everything. We tell them that by our vote. By telling our elective officials to pass laws that say it is the government’s job to protect us from everything, we rinforce the insanity. We end up with our money being confiscated to pay for the pursuit of drug traffic lords. We need to remove the economic incentive to be in the drug distribution business.

It just isn’t that damn difficult to figure out.

May you and yours experience permanent prosperity in all areas of you life.

Steve Pohlit

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