Does Rich Shefren Want To Be David Copperfield and Why ….

Why is Sterling Valentine hyping the link to the Power of Focus from Rich Shefren? Why is Rich Shefren moving to a Las Vegas style image with his promotions? I know Sterling and I don’t know Rich. Right up front I think both are terrific talent. Sterling is very bright and driven. He is, or at least he has been “on purpose”. Rich is a former Arthur Andersen consultant and an excellent marketer. I have read some of Rich Shefren’s material and feel his advice is very good.

Now you should ask: ” why do I care what Steve Pohlit thinks of Sterling or Rich Shefren or anyone else for that matter?” Good question and here is the answer. I am a very experienced businessman and not only have I bought, sold, started from scratch and consulted with companies large and small, I have a terrific track record doing so. All the details don’t matter but this does: my work continues to confirm that we as business people, marketers, Internet Marketers and more have a responsibility to share our talent and do so in a way that larger numbers of people can duplicate the principles we demonstrate.

For the past two months I have led a small group once a week in an in-depth study of some live principles. Make no mistake about this: I did this for me. What those people got out of this process was entirely up to them. I worked harder than I did for my best paying clients and I worked for no pay. I used all the talents I didn’t even know I had and more. All of this material was posted on a special web site. There is audio and wonderful material for the participants to use whenever they want. Soon there will be another series and there will be video.

“Givers Gain” is the theme of a national business networking group. I gotta tell you that after 7 weeks, I feel better than ever and I just celebrated my _ _ birthday. (The age does not matter because I have learned it is possible to become younger and I am working on that.) I gave all of my talents and in the process what happened? Members of this group are now my friends and they have asked me to expand the leadership to another topic. I will do this and we are now working on having more people benefit from this process.

I remember like it was yesterday – the first JV Alert. It was organized by Ken McArthur in Philadelphia and there were 20 people there. There was no fee – or maybe a small one that I don’t remember. We paid for our transportation to Philly, our room and meals. By the way that room was the most marvelous room I experienced in a long time. And I stay in a lot of rooms. I digress. The idea that launched Sterling incubated that weekend. Ken says he was very grateful for how without asking Sterling kept asking “how best may I help” since Ken was doing all of the heavy lifting. I rember saying to Ken – ” I don’t feel good coming to a meeting about how we can be more successful with the host driving back and forth from home because you don’t want to spend the money on a room.” Ken ultimately worked with Sterling on a historic program which as of today I don’t thing anyone has challenged. Ken also went on to further develop JV Alert and he no longer drives back and forth from home.

So you ask what is my point? I submit to you that doing business is easy. I submit to you that many people create smoke and make it seem like business is hard. When I go to Vegas I want a show – I want to be immersed in the magic. Business is not magic. It is easy to understand what works. You think I am kidding? Do you think a double cheeseburger with king sized fries is healthier than steamed vegetables with some grilled wild salmon? You know what works. If you are in business or starting a business you already know. Does this mean that Rich, Sterling, Frank, Ed, Jason, Ken, Ken. Dan, John and others should be ignored. No- do you ignore God even though you know the difference between right and wrong? I hope not.

I am saying stop all the hype. Stop the smoke and mirrors. Keep it simple. I remember one of the first System seminars organized by Ken McCarthy. I learned it is all about traffic and conversion. Many years earlier at a shareholders meeting led by Les Wexner, Chairman of The Limited who I am grateful for allowing me to work with his company, Les said “nothing ever happens in our business until a customer says: I’ll take it”

Ladies and gentlemen business is simple: whether it is on line or off line give the customer what they want. How do you know? Ask them! Right now I am working with a very successful eCommerce based company and do you know we just sent out the first marketing newsletter to a small test group and we don’t even have the survey finished. We are still guessing as to what they want and this is a hugely successful business that just happens to do a great job of selling a lot of products on line.

We don’t need David Copperfield to magically demonstrate an image that few can duplicate. We need to take our wisdom and simplify, simplify, simplify and help more people realize their potential.

May you and yours experience permanent prosperity in all areas of you life – Sterling and Rich included.

Steve Pohlit

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