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In the 10 Minute MBA program I show you how to improve your business performance by consistently following a straightforward business development and control program. I clearly state that if you follow this program and implement it properly, your business revenue and profits will absolutely increase substantially. I continue to stand stronger than ever behind that statement.

Business principles are at the foundation of The 10 Minute MBA program. Once I know these principles and have demonstrated them to work, I feel it is my responsibility to teach them and I do.

There is another set of priniples, laws actually, that I have learned and feel equally responsible for teaching. These are the Laws of the Universe. I didn’t always know these Laws like I do now. However, at one point a couple of years ago I woke up to the song “Hey What’s Going On?” I was going backwards fast. A downward spiral would be an accurate description.

Right about this time Joe Vitale released The Attractor Factor and that started me along the path of personal self-development that I am on today. That is a long story and the point of today’s message is that I now teach business principles and the Laws of The Universe. You may not like that thread. That is fine. “When The Student is Ready The Teacher Will Appear” In my case there is a growing group of teachers.

Do you or someone you know have challenges with their finances, health, relationships or possibly with their general outlook on life? There are a huge number of resources to help and most of them you can get for free on line, at your library, at bookstores and at certain churches. One resource just published is the book by Joe Vitale titled “The Key”

“The Key” is very important for anyone leading a business, wanting to be an independent entrepreneur or simply wanting to be happy by moving to a new place in life. In the book Joe tells the story of having a meeting with his trainers – these are the people who are paid to mentor paying subscribers toward greater success, happiness and prosperity. They help people with the principles detailed in many of Joe’s books as well as resources by others. In that meeting Joe draws two circles. One represents where we are and the other represents where we want to be.

The discussion is about how do we move from point A to point B. We are not talking about driving from your garage to the grocery store. We are talking about moving from a state of unhappiness or disatisfaction to one of peace, contentment and bliss. (A and B are my references not Joe’s. As many who know me understand: if I cannot get an action plan defined as steps A, B & C or steps 1, 2 and 3 (maybe 5) then forget about it. The plan would be too complicated for most people to stay focused on and certainly too complicated for me to manage.)

I was fascinated by the discussion, these were the people who were hired by Joe to coach high dollar paying members on principles Joe outlined in his books like The Attractor Factor and Zero Limits. Yet according to Joe, all of these mentors seemed to give traditional answers like..”well if we make more calls we will book more sales”

Joe (I imagine) is sitting there smiling and then simply reminds us that if we do not appreciate what is happening with us at point A then there is no way we can optimize our position or even come close to getting to point B.

Some clarification may help:

If you read my post on Quantum Success then you know a foundation Universal Law is that we must demonstrate gratitude for what we have before we can receive more. I love the sentence in The Key: “I’m Totally Satisfied..I Just Want More” Think about it..there are no limits and to experience all that you want to experience in the physical plane while we are here there are certain Universal Laws that must become part of your being. Two key ones are:

First – Release ..Forgive what has happened in the past that is not serving you. You cannot replay it except in your mind and when you do, whatever it is that is eating at you is sapping your energy right now. What a waste. This does not mean you should learn from your mistakes. It simply means release what is already done. How often do you find you are reliving something in the past. I know I catch myself all the time. This use of energy does not help us appreciate the now which leads to the next Law.

Second – Gratitude for where you are at right now. I don’t care what challenges you face, financial, relationship, health it doesn’t matter. Get used to the fact that life in the physcical plane throws curve balls. Deal with it. How? Release and Gratitude. Do you think you have nothing to be grateful for? Did the sun come up? Start there.

I don’t care if you are the greatest internet marketer, a highly successful business owner a person stuggling with financial, healh or relationship issues… I just know that if you want to have the feelings of happiness, peace, contentment you must live by the Universal Laws.

I have experienced the complete transformation of a business using these principles and following the guidance as outlined in Joe Vitale’s book Zero Limits. I have applied these Laws in my own life. I am having wonderful results and now I am practicing the message ” I’m Totally Satisfied – I Just Want More” Personally I can tell you there is a lot more that I want and for once I can tell you that I am focused on being better at enjoying the moment right now. If you cannot enjoy the moment right now, what makes you think you can enjoy the moment when you have more ___ or more ____ or more____? Which is exactly why you will not have more prosperity as defined by the feelings of contentment, healthy energy, happiness until you demonstrate that you are grateful now. That simply is one of the Laws.

As I go forward and help companies achive their profit goals I will continue to help them with foundation business tools as outlined at The 10 Minute MBA. we will also be integrating the ME Factor into their business and ultimately into their personal lives. However, like this article and like the material being developed for the Prosperity Now program, reading the material is great. However, believing there are no limits for me and you and everyone on this planet requires convergence. It requires the convergence of what we do with what we think about and what influences our subconcious mind with the Source that honors no boundaries.

The following is a great affirmation:

” I live with joyous gratitude and become more and more conscious of all that I have to be thankful for. I take time to appreciate all the wonderful things to be happy about”

May you experience the unlimited love, health, happiness and prosperity that is yours for the asking!

Steve Pohlit

Steve Pohlit has more than 20 years experience successfully running companies large and small. Steve now develops and implements processes that will deliver improved business performance for the long term. Learn more about the process of Increasing Profits by 30% or More In 90 Days or Less by visiting or you can call 727-587-7871 and speak with Steve directly. Have a question? Click Here To Visit Ask The Consultant If you want to learn how to use a blog to build your business then register for the the free mini-course “Blogging for Profits” at Steve Reports and Blogging For Profits. Did you know you can make a ton of money by referring a business that converts to consulting project? Just thought I’d mention that.

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