How To Transform Your Business To An Accelerating Cash Profit Producing Machine

Are you a business owner, entrepreneur, direct marketer, internet marketer, network marketer or a person looking for the keys to success? If so this is must read information. Of course you don’t have to and you may not even “buy into” what I am presenting. I repeat: this is must read and must follow information.
Something has been missing. While I developed, implemented and proven the effectiveness of my 10 Minute MBA program, I knew that in a number of cases the success was not sustained. I rationalized this as a natural process of business owners slipping into to their previously established comfort zone.

In a way I used this seemingly natural regression as an opportunity to promote follow-on business consulting services. Now I understand that while ongoing services are valuable, the real reason for business performance to slip went deeper than the obvious failure to follow the established game plan that had been proven to work.

I also could see that in many instances that even when my Profit System was actively implemented and the business was hitting or even exceeding established milestones, something was missing.

When you are faced with a question where you don’t have the answer with confidence, what do you do? Well there is research of course and I did research this issue. Hundreds of hours of research. I also looked very carefully at those situations where people were hitting and exceeding the numbers consistently. I studied the contrasts.

I didn’t discover what I now feel is the answer until I examined my own experiences. I have been taught and influenced by my parents, my daughter, teachers, billionaires, priests, ministers, authors and very by all outward measures, successful internet and direct response marketers. There have been many other influencers but you get the idea. With all of this experience being taught and implementing a lot of what I was taught I found myself experiencing significant negative life situations. So I went to work to find out why. I went to work on myself.

This is not the forum for a description of the extent of that work. However, what I discovered literally transformed my life. This is an introductory article. I am suggesting you consider that if you are not on purpose there is no way for your business or you job to be satisfying – no way. Alternatively if you are on purpose and you use all the tools available to you, then not only will you be achieving your professional goals but more importantly you will be healthy, happy and at peace.

I suggest to you that being on purpose is more important than all the money you believe you want to make. Don’t misunderstand me. I want me and you to have all the abundance available for us while we are on this physical plane. I firmly believe there is unlimited abundance and I like that idea as much as anyone. At the same time, I remember the story about Andrew Carnegie in the book The Five Wishes. He was asked if his life was a success. He said he would give up all his money to have a truly happy marriage.

What is it that you wish for when asked if your life has been a success?

In this series of articles I will explore with you how personally being on purpose will make a dramatic difference in your life and your business. We will review a number of typical real life business examples and look at various outcomes as determined by the mindset of the person in the example. You will learn how to turn your business into a profitable cash producing machine.

Until the next time:

“If you get to thinkin’ you’re a person of some influence, try orderin’ somebody else’s dog around.”

Be well and prosper,

Steve Pohlit
Business Development Consulting

Steve Pohlit has more than 20 years experience running very large and medium sized companies. Steve now consults with clients to design and implement processes that will deliver improved business performance for the long term. Most projects are self-funding within 90 days. The client then experiences a very high return on investment. Learn more about the process of Increasing Profits by 30% or More In 90 Days or Less by visiting or you can call 727-587-7871 and speak with Steve directly. Have a question? Click Here To Visit Ask The Consultant

Author: Steve Pohlit

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