My People Will Be In Touch With Your People

There it was .. a message from a member of the team working with John Reese. The message was ” that after a marvelous honeymoon, during which your excitement for what was delivered was off the charts; you continued your commitment to me. Long after the excitement of that first report had been experienced, you stayed with me even in those months when there was very little excitement.

I understand and appreciate your $106.00 a month loyalty to me Steve and I am think you should be grateful for all that I have shared with you. Unfortunately it is time for me to move on and I have asked my associate to alert you. Steve it is not personal, I am simply too busy to personally write a note of appreciation and explanation of what is next. I balance all my work. I could have written to you or written a story to promote a program where I would earn another million or more. Thank you for your $106 a month Steve but I didn’t have time to write a Dear John letter

Does anyone get this? Do you John Reese get this? There are a lot of people who really like your monthly report and most of us probably understand that there is a time to move on but you look at who has been with you in the eye and let them know directly what is in your heart.


Author: Steve Pohlit

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