Who Is Jaime Luchuck?

Jaime is a young lady from Toronto, Canada. She is the Next Internet Millionaire having earned that title after many long days and weeks of intense effort. She was judged by an elite crowd who have developed successful businesses using Internet marketing, direct marketing, publishing, informational products, videos, audio and more. These including Joel Comm, Rich Schefren, Mike Filsaime, Brad Fallon, Armand Morin to name a few. She is now a speaker having addressed a group of about 100 people at JV Alert in Orlando. This is a marvelous event by Ken McArthur which is where I met Jamie.

I have just listed a few highlights of what this lady has done. These are not who she it. Jaime is a person who speaks and lives from the heart. She started her presentation saying it was her first to any group and that shortly before being at the front of the room she threw up. She said she just wanted to get through it so she could sit down and enjoy the rest of her day. Folks that is as honest as you can get.

Even with that honest disclosure of how she felt, she spoke to us like we were sitting accross the table having a one on one over a cup of coffee. We learned about her deep heart felt motivation for competing at all in the Next Internet Millionaire Reality Show. Simply stated she was not living on purpose working in her 9-5 job. She even succeeded getting 100 or so Internet marketers and other business people to stand on their feet, clap and sing the Dolly Parton song 9 to 5. Two hours earlier she was throwing up and now she had the crowd singin and dancin. Can’t imagine what she gets us to do when she is confident speaker.

The real message story is about a young person knowing she is not happy with her 9-5 role but not knowing how to break out of that trap. Through a series of what seems like unlikely events that she acted on she is now an author, speaker and on her way to more success. She is well connected at an early stage in her career. She took the risks, she was scared and now in her words she is thankful and happy. Seems to me being grateful and happy is a very good place to be in life. Read her story – well worth the time and yes we can learn a lot from a young seemingly inexperienced person.

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