Stephen Prierce Asks What Would You Do?

The lessons from Stephen Pierce at his blog DTalpha are excellent . Click Here listen to the message and my response below will make more sense to you. Stephen welcomes all comments


The answers come when we are grounded on who we are. Anger, resentment, stress serve no purpose other than to make us sick and in some cases become the source for some disease. However, all of us have traditional programming so while we still have an ego driven reaction it is best to let time pass in a situation like the letter which could be similar to a challenging situation with your child, job, business or someone you just met at a service station.

The severity of the situation will guide you to the time you need and the support of others. There is no substitute for a powerful network. My career accelerated the fastest when there was a continual stream of terrific people coming into my life. Now my business position is different but there is no shortage of outstanding people. Stephen Pierce for example provides guidance here and I am networked with him on as well a other terrific people (join us).

On a higher level, for me it has been important to make a commitment to a life of peace and happiness. See several recent posts on this at

Wellness, happiness and prosperity to all


There are two reasons why companies ask me for business consulting assistance:
1. They know what to do but want an independent third party experienced business development consultant to drive the process as that approach demonstrates management’s commitment to achieving the goals.
2. Management understands the need for improved performance and understands they do not have the experience to implement what is required.
3. There is actually a third reason and that is where a business is in a crises situation and turnaround business consulting procedures need to be implemented fast. Nobody likes that situation, even the consultant. However, many companies can be salvaged with the right action. Think of the what goes into action when a person has a heart attack. Timing and action are the differences between life and death.

Be Well and Prosper,
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