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This week BusinessWeek published a business blogging article titled Beyond Blogs. Actually it was a follow on to a business blogging article originally written in 2005 which has received a lot of attention. (Click Here to read the current Business Week article)

As a major advocate of blogs, blog technology and developments since 2005, I was very interested in what the authors had to say. Certainly there was good content in the article. My reply that follows addresses what I believe to be the number one issue on people’s minds that spend time using blogs, blogging and now participating in social networks. At the conclusion I provide the advice I give to clients. Please take a few minutes and comment on this topic.

(this is what I posted on BusinessWeek.)

Increasing numbers of people feel the value in being connected. I think many still struggle with how best to use these networks and technology. While continuing to make connecting and receiving information easier, how should a business or person best navigate this information?

In that respect I don’t think the principles of research and investing time have changed. I advise my clients (and do this myself) to focus on those key areas of business and personal interest and build from there. One very important point: this is a “givers gain” world which is a great development. Like many others I provide guidance and content that was once kept secret and came with a steep price tag.

With increasing volumes of very valuable free contet, what are people happy to pay for? The answer has been and continues to be the same. They pay for value as measured by results. I am delighted to build my practice on a results driven model. I am also very grateful for the developments of social networking, blogs and for authors who write great articles like this one for BusinessWeek.

Steve Pohlit


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