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You probably know John Reese is a very experienced credible and successful Internet marketer. I have benefited a great deal from John’s courses and newsletters. This message from John came to me by email and I am posting it here. Like John I have been skeptical about Social Media marketing including Twitter. One thing about John is that he tests everything and you will see he has been accumulating data on driving traffic to his sites and particularly his blog using Twitter. After you read John’s message come back and take these action steps:

1. set up your account at
2. look up and follow me
3. look up and follow him
4. follow John’s guidance in adding people to follow
5. notice how people post to Twitter and start posting regularly.
(I use to post to Twitter and Facebook. It is supposed to update my accounts at LinkedIn and MySpace but I don’t see that working well. Maybe you will have more luck.)

Two final points from me:

1. this is part of my signature on my outgoing emails:

Network with me on




Follow me on Twitter

2. Notice how I discovered valuable content written by an authority on a topic where I have some experience added comments and now publish it on my blog – with no changes to the original message. This is another way of generating valuable content for your blog (hint, hint)


Email from John Reese starts now:

If you haven’t yet created a Twitter account
you’re really missing out.

This service has exploded in growth
in the past few months and I don’t see
it slowing down anytime soon. There
are now MILLIONS of users and it’s
becoming mainstream.

I’ve been running some interesting
tests and I’m already seeing some
great traffic results — far greater than
the traffic from Facebook or any
other “Web 2.0” service.

Facebook and the others certainly
have their place, but Twitter is more
powerful. At first I didn’t really “get it”
but now I do and my traffic stats
don’t lie. IT WORKS.

As a communications tool, Twitter is
probably only 2nd to Email right now.
It’s a great way to network with people
as well as to drive visitors to any of
your sites, blog posts, etc.


Create a Twitter account NOW and
start ‘following’ people you want.
Others will eventually follow you in
return. Observe how others post
and you’ll quickly learn the culture,
etiquette, and uses for Twitter.

It’s not rocket science. In fact,
it’s a lot of fun.

You really need to start today because
the sooner you start the sooner your
followers list will start growing and more
people will see your posts — which will
then virally grow from there.

*******VERY IMPORTANT********


(I’m actively posting all the time.)

Create an account then go here:

Click the “Follow” link that shows
under my photo.

That’s it. Everytime I post you’ll
see it in your main “timeline”

* After you click to “Follow” me
look at the right-hand side of
my profile page. Click the blue
“Followers” link and you can see
all the people currently following
my posts. Follow some of these
other marketers so you can get

Twitter is extremely VIRAL.
When you make posts (called
“tweets”) they can be exposed
to all the friends (followers)
of others. Then they can choose
to follow you.

I think Twitter is going to really
evolve into a “must use”
marketing tool. It’s a great way
to announce you’ve just made
a new blog post, released a
new product, or anything else
you’re up to.

I’m already seeing 400+ visitors
each time I make a tweet that
I’ve made a new blog post.

So trust me, this is no flash in
the pan. In fact, this may be
one of the most powerful marketing
tools ever — it just depends how
it evolves.

But so far you’d be crazy not to
use it. It’s producing great results.

Take 2 minutes to create an
account — heck you’ll want to
do it now so you can at least
get your name before someone
else takes it. Or your company
or product name, etc.

Just go to

Then visit my page at:


Info courtesy of Steve Pohlit

Sending all my readers the energy of vibrant health, happiness and prosperity.

Steve Pohlit

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