Will 21 Truckloads Fit Into A Laptop In 21 Years or Less?

Can you imagine the computing power of equipment that takes 21 tractor trailer trucks to haul?  If you know a little history about the size of the first computer you may appreciate the following story is about 2008 and not 1952. I noticed this in connection with a news release on another topic and found this fascinating.

IBM, Los Alamos smash petaflop barrier, triple supercomputer speed record: A supercomputer named Roadrunner is the world’s first petaflop computer, built to keep tabs on the safety and reliability of the U.S. nuclear stockpile without the need for live tests, IBM and the Los Alamos National Laboratory said. It took 21 tractor-trailer trucks to ship Roadrunner from New York to Los Alamos in New Mexico. It would take 100,000 laptops combined to equal Roadrunner’s speed and if everyone in the world did one calculation per second on a handheld computer it would take 46 years to do all that Roadrunner can handle in a day, IBM said.

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