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Several weeks ago I was introduced to Reddit

I check it periodically ….. and several days ago  I just read the following really cool headline.

Does anyone else ever find themselves clicking around on the net, only to suddenly sit looking at the screen wondering just what the f— it was you were actually trying to do?

Can you relate to that?  I assure you I have been there – recently and will probably be there again soon.

Be well

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One thought on “Off the topic of Business Consulting, Making More Money, Internet Marketing, Social Network.”

  1. I began this thread to speak about public usable web proxies:

    Which are really anonymous?

    Which can be used with facebook, myspace etc, in other words: are fresh ?

    Which can you recommend?

    Thanks for your help,

    P.S.: In my country, the freedom of speech is somehow limited, please give me a hint, if you are not sure about your recommendation.

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