How To Select Part Time or Temporary CFO, Controller Services

Credentials, Experience, Cultural Fit are the three keys to selecting the right professional for your Temporary CFO or Interim Controller staffing requirements.  The purpose of this video is this introduce me, Steve Pohlit and my firm International Resources, to you and your business.



There are really only two primary reasons you may be considering temporary, part time or interim professional assistance. The first you already understand and that is to fill a void in your business. You have an immediate need for assistance and you are evaluating your options for filling that need. The second one you may not have thought about and that is where your company is not of the size or financial strength to support a full time professional with the right experience and skill set.

Credentials, Experience and Fit:

I am a currently licensed CPA and my MBA is from Xavier University. My experience as a CFO and CEO is extensive in numerous industries. My experience also includes ten years with the largest public accounting and consulting firm in the world.

Our goal is to have the right match for your business. This is why it is very important we have a clear understanding of your business and business requirements. We will then match our best professional for the assignment.


We guarantee your satisfaction with the professional assigned to your company. While rare, occasionally there is a mismatch. We will replace anyone who is not meeting your expectations. Of course there are no long term contracts and the service you engage us to perform can be terminated with one week’s notice.


Steve Pohlit, President
International Resources
IR Consulting, Inc.
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