Dubli Auction Network – Pay Attention To These SEO Results


Several months ago a gentleman living in Naples, Fl. called me and asked me to look at Dubli Auction Network, a business about to enter the US. I was not real interested in this pitch. However, there was something that suggested I take a closer look.

In retrospect I  know what caught my attention. The credibility of the caller and his partner Denise was the reason. More on that later. Here is what happened and the results to date:

1. I looked at the business that started in Europe and quickly realized it applealed to the auction market, which is huge, and to the casino market, also huge.
2. I felt the reverse auction offered by Dubli Auctions presented a unique marketing proposition.
3. Based on the evaluation of the first two points I concluded Dubli Auction Network was worth some of my time.

The Lessson In This  Story Is The Surprising Development of the Search Engine Position for Dubli Auction Network on Google.

My first test was to do a very simple web site to make sure I understood the opportunity for the consumer and the business opportunity associated with Dubli. None of the typical SEO techniques were used. Minimal thought to  keywords and descriptions.  The site is still very much like the original design and can be seen at www.dublian.com I was successful in having the primary keyword Dubli in the domain.  My idea for the domain was Dubli Auction Network or DubliAN   and so it was.

At this point nothing unusual. I was simply using my Dubli Auction Network site as a reference point in my discussions with my friends Alfred and Denise in Naples.  Then while developing www.youtubemastery.net I thought it would be a great idea to  add a  video to my Dubli Auction Network site and I did that.

Denise called two days later and asked me if I was aware of my site being on the first page of Google. I had not. When I  looked and called her and said I was in the number one position … a first with other than my own name on Google search.  The video had captured the attention of the keyword Dubli Auction

As I write this, my site has two out of the top 4 positions for Dubli Auction.  I view this experience as a powerful demonstration of the value of video for SEO. I have more examples but this one should get your engines started. Go to Google.com and enter Dubli Aucton in your search . Look at the postioning of http://dublian.com

This Is Not About Video!
This Is Not About The Consumer Market for Dubli Auction Network!
This is Not About The Business Opportunity With  Dubli Auction Network

This Is About How To Use The Lastest Tools For Helping Your Business. These tools include SEO, YouTube Mastery, Blogging For Profits.. and more all linked to an integrated marketing strategy. Can You Do This Yourself?  Absolutely?  If you want to accelerate your results with my help call 727-587-7871.

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