Introducing YouTube Mastery and Blogging For Profits

The past four months I have been actively developing and testing video training for business. The test market has been and continues to be Facebook. The time line was about 90 days from idea to the point of being able to conduct valid live tests.  This time line was mostly due to the time for  my own personal development and I was moving a growing number of subscribers along the development path.

During this process I realized many questions continued to “bubble up” regarding blogs and what I recommended. In response I have now developed video training on how to set up a blog for business profits.  That video series is new and not as developed as YouTube Mastery.

The Three Steps For Optimum On Line Marketing Effectiveness Today :

This is my number one recommendation for all companies and is what I work on almost always as a first step in any consulting engagement:

1. Website
2. Related Blog
3. Focused Video Posted To 1 and 2

You must be doing all three for maximum effectiveness.

More clarity on those in a future article since of course I recommend building lists and SEO content. This is an article not a book. 🙂

For now the following is an announcement I recently sent to over 1100 members of my YouTube Mastery Group on Facebook and included a reference to Blogging For Profits.


Welcome All New Members: Here is the latest video training. I stand firm on my position you will not find the value that is in this training anywhere at any price and YouTube Mastery continues to be FREE.

YouTube Mastery  How To Build Business Profits With Video 2

This is the continuation of the training  of  how to use what you have learned in the YouTube Mastery Series to help build your business. Of course there have been tips along the way. But now you look over my shoulders as I demonstrate how I am using video to further build the credibility of my consulting business.

Steve Pohlit shows two example of using the training taught in previous YouTube Master videos. The first two promote a business venture which is Dubli Auction Network at The second is to help a client with marketing using video. The client is and the service is hair transplants. achieves number 1 position on Google search with video and receives 60 video views in 2 days worth nearly $300 in pay per click ads.

These are very successful examples and you can do the same.

Here is the link – Remember if you are registered at you have access to all the training videos in sequence. REGISTER NOW

Steve Pohlit, President
International Business Consulting Resources

PS Want to know how to set up WordPress Blogs including cool templates and valuable plugins? Join Blogging for Profits


My Commitment:

My firm will implement known best practices relevant for your business. They will work while I am coaching you and your company.  You will receive the benefit of a  very high return on investment.  Best practices do not work on automatic.  If  you stop following what you learned  after project completion, then you can expect the benefits to stop as well.

If you know what to do – do it now!  If  you are not sure, call me, Steve Pohlit, direct at  727-587-7871

Sending all my readers the energy of wellness, peace and abundance

Steve Pohlit

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