Advice on Business Advice …Don’t Buy It

If you are a subscriber to any business or marketing content email mail lists you know that every marketing person who has ever read a business book,  walked in a bookstore, or touched the coat of an expert is coming out with headlines appealing to the fear that appears to be pervasive in the marketplace.  Let’s take a look at some of the headlines appearing in my email box recently:

Subject Lines In My Email Box – A Small Sampling

What Is Your Economic Bailout Plan?

Steve, Annihilate The Rat Race

Turn Recession Into Prosperity

Just Follow This and You Will Make Money

Stop The Roller Coaster, I Want Off

Steve, How To Prosper In These Perilous Times

Recession Survival

Melt Down,  What Melt Down?

Discover The Secret of Staggering Entrepreneurial  Success

Everyone has a story that includes successes and failures.  However only a few have experience that is valuable for others.  Select coaches, advisers, consultants based on what they have done in their own business and not just based on what they say they have done for others.

I purchased my first company in the mid 90’s.  It was a chain of drug stores in Tampa Bay with revenues of $50 million.  There were more valuable experiences gained from being an owner for two years before it was sold that in my entire business career up to that point.

Soon after, I started an Internet Service Provider company and while doing that “pushed the experience envelope” in quite a few areas.  I learned what can happen if  you are juggling too much and assuming all is well.  Can you feel that all did not go well?

Listen to those people who have experience with your business issues.  They do not have to be an expert with your product or service. They must be an expert in helping you move forward whether that be marketing programs,  organizational development, pipeline management, technology….whatever the areas that need the most attention.  The best advisers are those who have a very clear grasp on your business model and quickly see the “A Priority” opportunities that can be moved on to realize maximum benefit quickly. You will not find this guidance “in a box” or emai. Personal attention from a person who understands and will guide your business forward and help you achieve your goals.

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