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If your business is in a crisis there are several compelling reasons why you should call a Business Crisis Management Specialist. However before you do, please review the following and download your detailed report on The Exact Steps To Business Turnarounds.  It is possible you can do this yourself. However, it is likely to be in your best interest to use a business turnaround specialist.

How do you know if your company is in trouble? (For a complete presentation please visit Business Crisis Specialist )

Here are key indicators:

  • Do you worry about running out of cash?
  • Has your financing bank or lender reduced your line of credit or, even worse, called your loan?
  • Do most of your key vendors have you on COD?
  • Have any checks issued by your business bounced?
  • Are you delinquent paying taxes or benefit insurance?
  • Are revenue trends decreasing and accounts payable increasing?
  • Have your valued employees left for a “better opportunity”?
  • Are you spending all of your time fighting fires?
  • Do you wake up at night fearing you will be out of business?
  • Do you fear you will not have enough cash to meet your next payroll? What about the next?
  • Are you thinking or have been advised that a reorganization of your business under Chapter 11 of the US Bankruptcy code may be the answer?
  • Do you feel you are at or near crisis stage?

“If you answered yes to more than one of these questions, then you need to call me, Steve Pohlit,  at 727-587-7871 Right Now. That is my direct line. I will personally determine if I can help you solve your business problems or refer you to someone who can. This call will cost you nothing and may well save your company.”

Steve Pohlit, President
IR Consulting, Inc.
Turnaround Business Consulting
Restructuring, Recapitalization, Business Crisis Management

FREE Report: The Exact Steps To Turnaround Your Business
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There Are Two Compelling Reasons To Consult With A Business Crisis Management or Business Turnaround Specialist:

  • An independent professional skilled in turning around business crisis situations, brings credibility to your business turnaround process which serves to quiet the companies and people fearful of not getting paid.
  • A key component of a successful business turnaround is developing and implementing a business plan for improved performance long term.  Enlisting the assistance of an independent specialist communicates to employees, creditors and the marketplace you are serious about becoming a stronger company.

One more thing – delaying can mean the difference between a successful business turnaround and having to close your business….or worse….having your assets siezed.

I will help you if at all possibe, but you need to make the next move!

Steve Pohlit, President
IR Consulting, Inc.
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Restructuring, Recapitalization, Business Crisis Management

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