How To Implement A Business Marketing, CRM or Customer Relationship Management Campaign With An Immediate ROI

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Business marketing to customers, to prospective customers and to other businesses. The online marketing venues are excellent. However, f you are targeting companies, remember those company owners and managers are not online reading your marketing articles and marketing messages by email.  Unless, of course,  they know and respect you.

Understanding this I stepped up my idea to test a “door opening” offer.  I high value added offer that most companies can afford. In developing a “door opening” offer for my consulting practice I discovered an excellent source of business contact information for my campaign.  My campaign objectives are:

1. To mail a letter that will motivate a business owner to call me for an appointment. The letter is just being mailed and I will report on my actual results vs target in a later post.
2. The “door opener” I am promoting is described in reasonable detail at This link will not be in the initial control letter.
3. Since my goal is a physical appointment, I am targeting companies within a three mile area of my office. I thought there was maybe 200 or so in the revenue range I was specifying.
4. I heard the contact information was in the public records. After searching for quite some time, I lost patience and went to a suggested lead source.
5. I was amazed to find the contact information, sorted as I specified, was readily available and surprisingly affordable.

Watch this video for how I found and proceeded to create the database of contacts for my initial campaign.

There are several reasons why I am providing this detail for interested viewers:

1. I welcome referrals for all my consulting services including this program which is described at This is part of the marketing of my consulting practice.
2. I do what I teach. This is a blog, there is a video in this blog post and I am syndicating this article on the social networking sites as well as several article syndication sites. This article which is also a blog post will be sent to my subscriber list. All of these techniques I teach business clients. I am now moving to a “do it for you”  offer since many of the recommended tactics with Internet tools are not being implemented by traditional businesses.
3. It is important to note that while I am marketing business consulting services, under that umbrella is a huge list of services including: email marketing, direct mail campaigns, website design, SEO, blog development and management, video marketing, Internet marketing campaigns, social media marketing, business modeling, cost management, systems evaluation, refinancing, mergers and acquisitions, organizational development and more. Yes there is more but they all come under one business goal…Optimize Profit.  I am an expert at optimizing business profit and the more people trust  those words the better business will be – their business and mine.

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Steve Pohlit,
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