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In doing research for my current business development project which will demonstrate the power of social media I discovered what seems to be a really cool tip for those looking for a job.  I found this tip on the very popular blog Mashable and here it is from Eric Pender

I have actually used Google Reader to help me find job leads.

I go to Craigslist and perform a query in the jobs section for specific keywords that target the kinds of jobs I’m looking for (I search for search engine optimization jobs, but you can really use this for anything). Then, I take the URL that comes from my search query and plug it into Google Reader. Anytime that a new job posting comes up for that keyword, it comes into my reader feed. When I was looking for jobs and saw an interesting listing come across my feed, I was the first one to apply for it. This strategy landed me many calls, and one of them ended up resulting in my current place of employment.

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  1. Great article. I’m always late to the game w/ technology, yet it facinates me endlessly. Just starting a restaurant job search site and blog. Sure glad that there is enough people job searching.

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