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I have been intently studying Mastermind Power as it is a major component of a business I launched recently. The following story seems to be about how a mastermind generated the ideas that brought the US out of the Depression in the 1930’s. It is far more than that story. See if you don’t agree.

I have read Think and Grow Rich and I am still reading it. I am paying more attention to it than ever. I didn’t know that Napoleon Hill was asked by the President of the United States Franklin D. Roosevelt to help the country in crisis.

Is the United States and world economy in a crisis? I think the mood is negative and that is my concern. Notice Napoleon Hill says that he wrote Think and Grow Rich to keep is mind positive with chaos all around him.

History can have great lessons if we pay attention.  Key lesson, form you mastermind group. If you need a place to start you are welcome at Manifest Mastermind.

Sharing with all my readers the energy of peace, happiness and abundance

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