Install Google Friend Connect Bar On Your Site – How and Why!

Look at the bottom of  the screen and you will see the Google Friend Connect bar.  The value of this bar is being able to leave comments on the site or the article on the blog you are reading. You can leave comments for this site.  

Comments are also easy to leave for people in your network as shown in the Google Friend Connect bar and the Gadget.  The bar facilitates text comments and video links.  Commenting is the social thing to do for those sites and blogs that catch your attention.  This is the law of reciprcation.  When you strart leaving your footprint on others sites that you like the same will begin to happen for you.

A related site is The Social Media Souce . Visit there and notice the rapidly growing number of friends and notice when you click on an article the Google Friend Connect Bar follows you to the article.   Really cool!

How To Install the Google Friend Connect Bar

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