Mastermind Series Part 2: The “Must Have” For A Successful Business

Every business development article, course, seminar, podcast, video that is on the topic of how to succeed in business starts with this advice: 

  1. Define your target audience
  2. Confirm they want what you have to offer
  3. Be certain they have the money to buy what you have to offer

Following that,  a meaningful portion of the material   proceeds to tell you how to implement those three steps. The remainder of the material then tells you how to attract your target audience to buy from you and how to make a profit doing all of that.

The reason all the training starts with those points is because they are foundation principles. While they are important, there are two attributes that are even more important than the three I have listed. As I considered both it became obvious that the second is impossible without the first being in place.  That one has been addressed in detail in a previous article titled: Your Level of Business Success is Linked to One Thing.  That on thing is that  you must be in alignment with the work you are doing. This article expands on that with additional ideas from Napoleon Hill.

Alignment is  not passion. Passion is often temporary. Passion is  easy to observe when the business is performing as planned and particularly evident when the business is performing better than planned. Passion often disappears when the routine sets in.  In particularly difficult situations, passion can reverse into anger or depression. When you are in alignment with the purpose of your business,  you have an awareness understanding and acceptance of business events and cycles. You also  have an awareness, understanding and acceptance  of life situations not always being that which you prefer.

That knowing  results in you staying the course when others may give up. That knowing results in you being confident in the outcome and being able to demonstrate leadership in all situations. That knowing results in you being in harmony with those close to you, employees and others serving your business regardless of the situations. 

In that short paragraph I listed the more common categories of people that we connect with to accomplish anything in business. At the heart of any business that flourishes for an extended period of time is a Master Mind.  Napolean Hill points out that: “Harmony is the nucleus around which the state of mind known as Master Mind must be developed.  Without this element of harmony there can be no  Master Mind, a truth that cannot be repeated too often.”

In review, a Master Mind is at the heart of every business that successfully progresses for and extended period of time. Harmony is the key ingredient of the Master Mind. When harmony fades the Master Mind is ended.  Being in alignment with the purpose of your business starts by having a clear definition of your own purpose. Then you are in a position to evaluate any business or opportunity and know if you are in alignment with it. 

Napoleon Hill writes about harmony being present in every successful relationship whether that be business or personal.  Now you have insight as to what is the foundation of harmony. 


Sharing with all my readers the energy of peace, happiness and abundance

Steve Pohlit
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  1. So good to read this. Thanks. Having your own business is a huge life lesson. Purity in thought, word and action. Know yourself! Also I would say, VALUE yourself and what you have built!

    Fun to think of “Profits” as being much more than Monetary. Linking to the Master Mind is the best reward.

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