The WSJ Reports on Twitter and My Comment

My comments that follow relate to an article written by JULIA ANGWIN with the Wall Street Journal who discussed her experience and recommendation for Twitter:

I appreciate this article and Julia.

I recommend Twitter. In my business we set up every client with multiple Twitter accounts as an integral part of the marketing funnel. Twitter works because we use a “give value” model. This develops a relationship with our followers.

Several days ago I reached out to a lady who I have seen active on Twitter. She had posted a tweet about an upcoming event. I felt she might fit our client criteria and sent her a quick tweet. She immediately responded and a day later we had a conference call in place. At the start of the call we introduced ourselves and she said “OMG you guys are Manifest Mastermind. @mastermmind How cool is that! You’re the ones with the purple picture. I love your tweets. Thank you so much”

So that felt really good and offered us credibility for a related venture we were proposing. We are now in the final stages of a client agreement which will be very good for her as well as for us.

I didn’t see it mentioned by Julia or in the comments. Personally I would not be without Tweet Deck. It allows you to easily follow up to 10 people or niche markets at once. Awesome! Having said that, my number one tool is

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