When Business Sucks, Look In The Mirror

All the solutions are waiting for you to attract them.  That’s right and if you disagree, you are correct.  What you believe is true for you.  For me, I know what I focus on expands. That is The Law of Attraction and it is always working even in business.  If you expect problems you will attract problems. If you look outside for the reasons there are issues in your business, then you will always be finding someone or something to blame.  All this solutions for your business start with your knowing there is a solution. Consider these examples:

Last week I began working with a rather large business that finds itself in a cash crunch.  The first meeting I had with the owners of this business asked the single most important question relative to this situation. “Do you feel this situation can be solved?”  Without a consensus yes answer, there would be no reason to continue.  We continued.

I called a meeting on the second day right at the beginning of the day with these owners. I asked them to begin focusing on the picture of success.  I guided them to shift their thoughts from all the issues that are pressing to the picture of a well coordinated profitable business with plenty of cash.  I said to them we would have this meeting every day that I was on sight and I encouraged them to hold the meeting when I was not there.  This week I will give more clear directions on imaging specific success for their business.

In business there are three situations: First there is the current situation. Second there is a situation that is more negative than the current situation and if that trend continues it could lead to what people describe as a worst case. Third, there is the going forward picture of what it is that the team of people in the company will create.  Of course my work is primarily focused on the third picture. Since I am not able to discern what others are intending, I spend some time on a worse case scenario designed to protect the business should events proceed quickly to the negative. On balance,  I usually spend 90% of my time on designing and implementing the going forward plan.

Solutions to business situations vary depending on the conditions being addressed. The second day into this project calls were received that represented huge opportunities. Day three another call came in that also represented a marvelous opportunity.  None of these seemed to be in motion until the owners began focusing on success.  They are responsible for their business and they are responsible for attracting success. My work is to help them attract success and optimize revenue and profits. I  show them how to continue that process once the project they hired me for  is complete.

Does their business suck?  Well actually it did up until a week ago. The owners are beginning to see they are responsible. They are no longer blaming external people, places and things. Once you accept responsibility that your are the reason for the state of your business, then you can begin to paint a new picture.

I experience more examples of how business sucks  in one week that I could possibly write about in a month. I’ll bet you do to and I’ll bet you have a short list of what they could do to improve the situation fast.

Consider this  example:  in the town of my  most recent client referenced above,  there is a very nice building exterior that is a home of a restaurant.  From all outward appearances, I anticipated a very good dining experience. Inside told a different story.  First the atmosphere was very institutional.  However, it appeared to be clean.  The appearance of the staff was not one where you knew they had much pride in themselves and so they didn’t have pride in servicing customers. I am sure there were exceptions. But I didn’t attract any that evening.  The food was not even close to the pictures on the menu.  The beer selection was good and it was good.

That is just one example of  “When Business Sucks, Look In The Mirror”.  Each of the issues described are fixable in a very short period of time.  There are so many opportunities in business for “doing it better”  without having to spend a lot of money.  The solution starts from within. It starts with the mindset “I am responsible for the outcome of my business.”

In operations, I work with companies on fundamentals.  In marketing I recommend solutions and have do it for you solutions. The do it for you solutions are particularly valuable in the social media marketing arena. In all cases I stay focused on proven business principles.  These are the ones that are ignored the most because the discipline required t0 execute the fundamentals is routine and boring.  It  just so happens those fundamentals are where the gold is mined.

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Steve Pohlit, The Profit Expert

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Social Media For Building Business Profits: Part 2 The Big Three

Social Media In Plain Terms

Social media as an umbrella phrase includes sites and services that facilitate interactivity and community. In that regard blogs and email marketing are included. In fact both are an integral part of the marketing funnel. 

This series is focused on using the newer and emerging services for business development. The big three are YouTube, Facebook and  MySpace in that order. Fast risers are  Twitter and LinkedIn. Currently if you placed your social media marketing attention just on those, there still  would not be enough time in a  day to manually optimize the benefit of these sites. To develop and implement a business development campaign in most cases requires  an effective system that includes automation and leverage of very specifically defined tasks.

Which Site Is Best For Finding Your Target Audience?

All of them!  Look at the numbers.  Twitter which has moved into the 47th highest traffic spot according to Alexa as of the date if this article has an estimated 6 million users. If you have a business then your target audience is there.  Your audience is also on Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, YouTube and many more sites. 

I suggest stop analyzing this until the cows come home and get to work.  The key is knowing how to properly use each account and attracting your target audience to your landing page, blog or website.  How you use Facebook is going to be different than how you use Twitter etc. All most likely are going to be linked and you will be using one of several applications to update multiple social media accounts through one interface. http://ping.fm is a popular one that works very well. 


Twitter is particularly unique since each person has 160 characters for a profile biography and is limited to 140 characters per message.  It is also unique since according to Alexa most people stay on the first page of tweet flow (message displays).  This is a message ticker tape system. The newest message is posted at the top of the page and that pushes the last message on the page off.  

Many people focus on growing a large number of followers. The key is followers who are your target audience.  So how do you know that?  Start with Internet marketing 101 principles which is a clear definition of your target market.  Then what are the primary keywords related to your target audience?  Using the search function find out who is tweeting about those topic and follow them. You can expand this by following their followers. 

Balance Twitter followers and following by going to your View All Following screen and then looking for those people that do not have a direct message link. You can only direct message people if they follow you.  If after a few days someone has not followed you and you are attempting to balance the ratio, click delete.  There are some people and services that do not follow much at all but their content is valuable.  That is your choice.

More Twitter Tips in future additions. For now this will get you started and will help experienced users.  Again this is written with the goal of building business revenue and profits using social media. 


There have been no fundamental changes in the principles of successful marketing.  In order to convert targeted traffic into sales there must value and you must effectively communicate the value.  Start with your funnel and using Twitter as example.  You are forming  a relationship with your target audience.  Your tweets should have value. If they constantly scream buy this or that, your efforts will be futile and are likely to get you banned. 


In the next article in this series I will take a closer look at some of the features, benefits and pitfalls of specific social media sites. In the meantime, every day you spend thinking about this or trying to figure it out on your own, is a day where you are not optimizing your sales that are possible using traffic from  social media. I  suggest you get started now by emailing me.

Email Me, Steve Pohlit to schedule A No Obligation Consultation On Building Your Business Profits.  Need more customers?  Let’s discuss how to use cutting edge Social Media Marketing in the revenue building cycle of your business to drive your profits sky high.

Link To Part 1 of  This Series

Sharing with all my readers the energy of peace, happiness and abundance

Steve Pohlit, The Profit Expert

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