Why Pay Attention To Bill Bartman

Paying attention to billionaires who build their fortune is a good idea if you are interested in making a lot of money.  Bill Bartman is a self made billionaire.  Bill earned his money during an economic situation similar to what we are experiencing now.  

More about Bill and the lesssons I have learned following him in future articles. For now here is an email I received from Bill. I recommend visiting his website (Click Here)  and registering for his newslettters by email including the gifts he mentions in the following


Dear Steve,

You may not know that I have a brand-new book coming out called “Bailout Riches:  How Everyday Investors Can Make A Fortune Buying Bad Loans For Pennies on the Dollar”.  If I were you, I would NOT buy it until June 2.  Let me explain.


bailout riches book coverYou see, whenever I do something, I like to do it BIG.  In past years I’ve rented 27 Boeing Jumbo Jets to fly 6,000 people to Disney World.  I also built the largest–and most ethical–debt collection company on the planet.  This time, I want to drive my book to best-seller status.  


In order to do that, I want to concentrate sales on a particular day, and that day is Tuesday June 2.


What’s in it for you to buy my book on June 2?


First, about the book.  It’s all about how you can not just “survive” this major recession, but how you can truly prosper in it.  I explain an opportunity that is likely to come around only once in your lifetime:


–How regular individuals can buy bank debt for mere pennies on the dollar;
–Why you need no prior experience to be able to get in this business;
–How you can buy it using NONE of your own money;
–Exactly how you can collect on that debt (stress-free), or simply have others do it for you.


As you may know, the last time an opportunity came around like this, I went from being bankrupt to becoming a self-made billionaire.  This time the opportunity is much bigger.  Best of all, in the book I hand YOU the roadmap I never had, so your success can be even faster.Bill Bartmann


=====> Warning <=====


Now don’t get too excited and go out and buy it before June 2!  That’s because I have a special bonus package ONLY for people who buy the book on June 2.  Not a day earlier, not a day later.


I won’t spill the beans just yet.  Let’s just say it will contain more goodies than I put in the book, to give you a real insider’s edge on how to profit from this astonishing opportunity.  You can ONLY get the bonuses when you buy my book on Tuesday, June 2 from Amazon.


With the economy as bad as it is today, this book could not be more relevant.  It’s tailor made for people with day jobs who want or NEED to start making serious money now.


Bill Bartmann

Action Step

Visiting Bill’s website (Click Here)  and register for his  newslettter then you will not miss the bonused he mentions in this email to me.

Sharing with all my readers the energy of peace, happiness and abundance

Steve Pohlit, The Profit Expert

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