Alexis Martin Neely: For the Record

Alexis Martin Neely you have accused me  of:

Being a scammer

Using my spiritual belief system as a cover for an intended scam

Using my expanded network and business of Manifest Mastermind as a cover for intended scams

Scamming Brian Campbell out of a partnership

Alexis Martin Neely,  you represent yourself to be a professional attorney, a lawyer who teaches other lawyers.  Every professional attorney I ever worked with has demonstrated they learned proper due diligence before finalizing  their position.  Had you used even an ounce of your legal training for  fact finding in this situation, I am certain you would have concluded your feelings of what you have accused me of to be totally without merit.

The Facts:

This is the link to the report I filed on what Brian Campbell has done.

In that report you will see that he hacked into my main email account and deleted four years of personal and business communication. Part of that record was a detailed history of my communication with him regarding situations that as a partner I was not comfortable being associated with.  It also contained communication regarding the work I started because of Brian not doing what he promised.  Part of that work was the detail related to your account.  What was not destroyed are emails to you from another person requesting assistance so we could resume building value  for you.  We never received the requested information from you so we could continue.

An  email  that was deleted by Brian but which you have was  sent directly to you from me.  Of course this one  you didn’t reproduce in your article. It is the one  where I wrote  to you that I would continue working until you told me you have received the value for what you paid.

I am a currently licensed CPA. I have held positions in very large companies with significant fiduciary responsibility. I have the trust of many clients because I earned it for doing what I say and being authentic.  I say to  you now  Alexis Martin Neely all of your accusations are false.  I have the facts and those facts are readily available to you or anyone.

I stand by my word and stand firmly in the foundation of Manifest Mastermind.  It appears to me that  you are not the professional you represent.  There is one item where we have no disagreement: what comes around goes around.

In Unity we believe in Oneness and so I do love the essence of  God in all life and the essence of God in you.

Steve Pohlit

Author: Steve Pohlit

Independent BEMER Distributor Real Estate Investor Business and Real Estate Coach, Consultant Professional Speaker, Author

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