Freedom Is Our Birthright…In Honor of Those Who Protect Our Freedom

Thank you God for all the men and women who protect the freedom of our country. Some gave all.

May all  of us who enjoy that freedom exercise our right stop the expansion of governmental  fiscal irresponsibility shattering the foundation of this country. May all of us who have liberty as mandated by our original constitution begin today to “Just Say No”  to the  the rules and regulations that remove our right to live our intentions in freedom and peace.

I am proud to be an American

I am not proud of the liberty and freedom we have relinquished to bureaucracy. I am not proud of the complacency in this country and the growing entitlement attitude. Is it possible that while so many who have given all to protect this country’s freedom those of us who enjoy this freedom are allowing a small minority to destroy everything we have fought for since the birth of the USA? The answer is it is happening right now.

What can be done? It starts with supporting leadership that stands for the principles of freedom and liberty. Freedom and Liberty is not bureaucracy. Freedom and Liberty is not mandating a value system on me. If you think your ideas are good ones…convince me. Don’t pass a law.

Let’s not let those who serve and who have served to have given all in vain.

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Author: Steve Pohlit

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